Angel Falls

by Teka123
Angel Falls
Fantasy, RPG, Adventure:-Beta - Download available.
I bet you thought i was going to say something about memberships?, I'm afraid i can't really afford to do that any more. Tom's probably not too happy about that either.

Anyway! Programming, That's what i plan to do.

This is roughly my 5th attempt, but im going to try and do it properly this time, I plan to make a game on my own, by myself, while reading the DM guide as many times as i need.

My aim is to make a fun RPG, It'll be simple and hopefully addictive in a : quest to master your class and gain strength and all things wonderful about your typical monster killing RPG.

Here's a screenshot of basically what i have done lol, pretty much it xD

In terms of pixel art, im terrible but at least i can do what i need, I'll eventually improve.

I made funny roofs because.. i had no idea how to make a decent roof lol.

Wish me luck :O lol.
Nice job, Teka!
Not too bad. I like the style of the grass, to be honest.
Good Luck. o.o
Make the roofs a bit smaller, since the view of them is as if you were a bird, while the rest of stuff is as if you in front of it.

Anyways, am not a Pixel Artist, and I have no idea of how to actually make a decent icon, just a suggestion for a better looking graphics.
Also, make the last tile of the roof undense, increasing it's layer with MOB_LAYER + 0.1 or w.e you feel it is right, so you can walk through it, it will give it a bit more realism!

In summary, good job, I hope you improve yourself and make a great game!
If you need help programming side don't doubt on asking.
Good luck!
Why can't you give out memberships, did you finally take my advice and stop buying shit for people on the internet who in return act like complete ass holes to you? And instead buy what you want to buy for yourself?
Really glad to see it! And your contributions have meant so much to this project that we'll be forever grateful even if you never drop another (BYOND)dime on it!
No moar memberships D:!
The main gameplay mechanic of this new RPG is buying memberships.
Hey TEKA!!! awesome to see you do something new, hope it goes well and I love the grass... but I don't know why.
Atleast SOMEONE around here took my advice.

Also, this reminds me of the Battle of Evermore starting town. Is this a coincidence?
I might rip this :3
Sexy! Good luck bud!
When I first learned to program in DM, I found that reading the guide once was more than sufficient. For a basic game, there are numerous guides/demos/libraries out there to basically get you going to understand how to get something done. They may be a bit antiquated, but they still will get the job done. After all, that's how the majority of the non-professional old timer DM programmers learned.

If there is any proc or var in a demo you're confused about, F1 will be your new best friend.

The most important thing is trial and error. Set a goal for what you want to get done. Get it done. Then look at it and think is there anything I want to add or change to make it more efficient, safer (logic wise) or even modular.

If you're making a pretty traditional game, there is almost nothing you can't do if you're creative enough. It'll take some time, but I'm sure you know enough programmers to help teach you a thing or two.

Anyway, best of luck.
SuperAntx wrote:
The main gameplay mechanic of this new RPG is buying memberships.

Make it so.
How did you afford giving out so many memberships anyway?

Also, good luck with this Teka :3
Thanks everyone:)

For some reason everyone's complimenting the grass lol
Well maybe a little, but honestly I need to save money for myself for a while.
Thanks Tom that is nice to hear, I hope this game goes well.

ET BoE is my favorite Byond Rpg I have no idea what u are trying to say ;) yeah I did read ur post recently, it might be partly to blame.

Thanks kalzar I'm just afraid I'm lacking in intelligence compared to the average byonder I'm really no good at retaining information

Thanks again sorry if this is written badly, I'm typing on my phone/mobile/cell/HTC whatever u want to call it lol

"Wish me luck :O lol."

Teka123 wrote:
Thanks again sorry if this is written badly, I'm typing on my phone/mobile/cell/HTC whatever u want to call it lol

Ewww... HTC's... Sony Ericsson Xperia Play! :O

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