Angel Falls

by Teka123
Angel Falls
Fantasy, RPG, Adventure:-Beta - Download available.
Eew Xperia Play HTC FTW
Hey Teka, I was wondering if you could help me. How about a game called Dead Space Online? I've worked on it A LOT recently, but I need to be a member to publish it. If you help, you automatically become a subscriber for FREE. Please, I need help!
ZIDDY99 wrote:
Eew Xperia Play HTC FTW

Lol, kids and their wacky imaginations.
Hi alll And teka if you want some money for your help so tell me i can donate some money soon
The best way you can contribute to Byond is to continually pour your money into it. Think about it...did Tom say thank-you for beginning to make a game? No.
@Orange, Yes he did actually ;)
Money just keeps the bills paid. It doesn't make BYOND a better website. More good games and a community of serious developers is what would make BYOND a better website.
Seriously this game is already awful I can tell. You should just give up immediately, either that or take my advice:

*- BYOND membership is required to play, but that's fine because for signing in you automatically get a 5 year one.
*- Add at least fourteen more Nartos. At least.
*- Is that grass or puke? Replace that shit with the Zeta Source grass, looks 100% better honestly.
*- Day 1 DLC that you need to pay an extra $24.99 for, and which adds a new skin for the player to play as, only after completeing all the in game content first.
*- Requires an internet connection at ALL times, otherwise people will pirate it.
*- Fill it with internet memes and LOL XDs, grammar isn't important in game creation and you'll only end up wasting your time on it.
*- After planning and half implementing all of these features, give up on the project and never pick it up again.

Good luck solider.
good luck! If you need a helping hand, feel free to ask :)
(yeah, I'm semi-back ;) )
Thanks Eviler, that's really appreciated :D. Evil Wookie i shall not take your advice, and my game is doing well :)
Sorry wookie, i never meant any harm, but i Will continue this game in the same manner that i have been and i will not give up on it, charge for it, make it only multiplayer, have anything narto related, buy memberships anymore, change my grass.

But i will fill it with internet memes, so hows that for listening to at least one part :)
Fuck year.
You actually look to be pretty decent at pixel art. Nothing stood out about your roofs either, they look fine. Though that's not to say they couldn't be improved.
Good luck. :)
Thanks, i'm pushing ahead as well as i can :) production did slow down a little.. but meh ill get back on it!
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