Naruto Shinobi Revised

by MitC
Naruto Shinobi Revised
A Naruto Next Generation based game. Continues where the official game stopped.

Try this game out!
I will NOT tolerate rude comments that have nothing to do with the game.

Dude, sorry I didn't send you the icon's yesterday, my grandma died and I had to go and help with the funeral planning, I sent them today instead. Again, sorry for the inconvenience. I'll tell you in game as well.
Not a problem at all mate, I'm surprised that you even found the time to post a comment. Condolences to your family, and hopefully you'll get through these days.
MitC, I saw that you still have some bugs in your game, i could help you code if you want to cause i think this game has real potential.
EEK! MitC after literally 4 hours of playing your game, I can happily say... my name is Sinnless, and I'm addicted to Naruto Shinobi Revised. This game is freaking AMAZING! Dude please get a 24 hour server host as soon as possible. I'm going through withdrawal here x) hahahaha really though dude great job. Your hard work in making the game is definitely appreciated.
what happened to server! O.O cant u guys understand im addict to it?! ;)
Hey silent, sorry for the inconvenience of the server not being up, but Mit himself probably doesn't know yet, unless he's read the email I sent him. The host is busy the next couple of days, and whatever he's doing it will probably take up alot of bandwidth, he said he could put the server back up on saturday/sunday, but that gives you something to look forward to! The update should probably be done by then, so hopefully you guys will enjoy it. ~Aziko, Iconner
i was joking dont have to take it so serious :O

but anyways thx
I have never even thought about it, that this game could become so popular! Thanks for the amazing community, and I have found another Dutch Programmer, who has his fair share of programming knowledge, so your minds will be blown away by the update!
This game = UTTER PWNAGE :D now whens the update... :o
This game is the best...I could really help you guys cause i have great ideas for the game,SICHIBI FTW :D
Yup if they add bijuus this will be one of the best games of naruto on Byond.

PS: This game REALLY needs a forum.

PS2: SICHIBI IS MINE, if ur Xoras sichibi= 7 tails! not 6!, if ur not forget what i just said x.x.
Im da 8 tails :D sure i get no passive but i can get triple power

P.S. kyuubi gives 4x boost <--- OP much? it gives 1.9x passive boost plus doubling ur power in cloak >_<
Kyuubi gives 4X?! thats not fair 7 tails is like 1, something x.x i tho it was x2 + it can get full release like hachibi? thats not fair at all -.- passive + full release :O! it should only get 1 of em full or passive -.- and nerf passive to 2x
Who said kyuubi gets 4x?

P.S Mit, when you see this comment could you add this account on pager?

P.S again, could someone temporarily host whilst the current host isn't hosting because I use host alot in the same sentence about hosting. Because we need a temporary host. Lol

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