Angel Falls

by Teka123
Angel Falls
Fantasy, RPG, Adventure:-Beta - Download available.
Woah, was wondering where this went. Just vanished one day. Good job, still looking good.
Game is great, why don't others play it?
this game is awsome
ok i need a admin to help me out im level 67 i got all the good stuff except i didnt get no wings and i havent got a clue when i upgrade my class yet so plz help if any admin is on thanks
ok so i got my wings now im trying to figure out whats next and how to get to fisha island
First of all add sounds (I don't care for long downloads as long as the game is worth it)because the game is too silent. Next, for someone who is known for getting byond membership and stuff this game doesn't really convince others to get byond membership. (I know there is more to come) Just to be clear im not hating on you or trying to bash you this is what i see.
looks nice how do i play it online?
I have saw this game hosted 24/7 ( I think by ?ByondPanel?) I was like " Cool, I'll try some new byond games, This sounds like a pretty legit game (Angel falls ) "
I always saw this hosted 24/7, What changed?
Did Teka give up on the game?
Can someone fill me in a bit?
Greg The funny part about this, I was paying BYONDpanel to host it, it was my server. Teka and Snipedragon stopped working on the game unfortunately and hearing more about there not wanting to work on it less motivated me to waste money to see this game hosted 24/7. Now I have not talked to teka123 in ages unlike i used to talk to him almost everyday. :/
Not sure if it's worth it or not, but I'll host this for a while. I have an unused shell so I don't mind putting it to use for this.
I was just kinda "eh" when I played it on the first server I saw that was online. I decided to host it myself and I'm online 10 minutes in, but I think I have fallen in love. This is a fun game so far!

Teka is the devil ;)
how i be a admin on my own server stead of just a mod?
Is it ever hosted?
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