Merry Christmas. I decided to go with Triggers idea and make an iconish type thing. The hat, and eyes are rushed seeing as i spent the last two weeks(I know, long time for one thing) making this avatar base for the game im working on. Anyway, i hope you guys like it C&C is welcome, just not on the hat, or eyes seeing as they were a really quick rush job.


+Yea on not being a douchebag like that Trigger faggot and allowing criticism.
Epic! If i were a member, i would +1 this shit.
That picture will be in my nightmares.
Am i Questor Nao?
+1 To this.

Pretty nice job, congratulations.
I can leak Eternity if you want. : ]
Feel free. I stopped working on it. I was actually debating on releasing it as a free resource seeing as its an MORPG basis. Plus im on Feed's dev team so yeah. On a side note, feel free to feel the wrath of the ban hammar.