George W. Bush was elected president in 2000 and re-elected in 2004. His Vice President is the seldom-seen Penis Cheney. He had his name changed in 1999 for the upcoming election to "Dick Cheney." Great choice, Dick.

The Proof of Stupidity:

The Pretzel
The American Taxpayers spend millions of dollars each year for the secret service. However, the "terrists" have found a new way to kill our president and overthrow our government: Salty snack foods.

That's right, George W. Bush choked on a pretzel. It seems that the guy needs a secret service agent to sit there and tell him, "Ok, now swallow sir. There you go. Oh, you got something dribbling down your chin, let me get that..."

See the nation's response!

The Segway
Millions of dollars went into designing the Segway with two wheels so it stays upright. Who is the only person in the world that can possibly make it fall? You guessed it.

Fool me once
The great president doesn't even know common sayings in his own country. I hear this saying about 4 times a day.

""There's an old saying in Tennessee I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee that says, fool me once, shame on shame on you. Fool me you can't get fooled again."

The correct saying, of course, is "Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me."

Whoops, I almost forgot Poland
In the 2004 Presidential debate, Bush's opponent, John Kerry, was naming off the countries that supported the war in Iraq. Suddenly, George W. Bush burst out, "You forgot Poland!" The audience was completely silent. Surely, this would be the turning point in the election and Kerry would win. Unfortunately, it was not. But, here's to Poland, our great friend, who has aided us in many wars like the Civil War, the war of 1812 and even helped Will Smith upload the virus to the alien ship's main computer somewhere in space.

* George Bush = He bugs Al Gore.
* George W Bush = He grew bogus.

The New Zealand Prime Minister is ugly.

Proof of ugliness - ">Click Here.

edit: I'm just mean... :(
Amendum: She deserves to choke on a pretzel.

edit: I <3 NYC.
It looks like there's still some pretzel left in her teeth.
That's just too gross.
Point of duh: Poland is an ally in the Iraq war, and particularly in the broader terror war.
We voted for him, so what does that say about us?
I guess we can call all people who choke on a food product, "Idiots."

Kerry forgot Poland! Shame on him! It is one of the most important countries today. Don't we all goto Polish restraunts daily?


Git R Done!


You gotta hand it to Bush, though. He's the longest lasting president to never have actually been elected.
What??? Bush stupid? He's possibly the smartest man EVER. Think about it: he's a no-talent bozo whose crowning achievements are not getting sent to prison for his cocaine abuse and making money off of a government backed stadium buy, landing enough money to bribe, smear, and advertise his way to governor (who really doesn't have to do a whole lot in Texas). The guy wouldn't last two seconds in any real job. And yet, he is rich and arguably the most powerful man in the world. Not only that, but despite overwhelming public opposition, he flouts restrictions on his position and disregards even Constitutional limits- the strongest laws in our nation AND GETS AWAY WITH IT!

Genius, I tell you!
Or as GW might say it: Yeah, I'm dumb, dumb lik a fox, like the saying says, all the way to the bank *smirk*.
I agree, Bush is pretty fucking stupid. I wish he would have died cokeing on that fucking pretzel.
and his vice president shot a guy.

So now you can say you bought someone a vacation. then say the vacation is going hunting with cheney
Quote Vexonater:
You gotta hand it to Bush, though. He's the longest lasting president to never have actually been elected.

Do you pull this information from your ass? Bush was elected by popular vote against John Kerry. Infact he won the election by 3 million more votes.
It is true. Bush does not make the best choices. And yes, he should not have been elected again. And all I hear is how bush is an idiot. But if we feel that way why the hell did we vote him into office again! Personally I hate bush with a passion. And we can thank those southern rednecks for voting him in again(no offence :P) becuase they are racist towards other countries.

EDIT: And its Americas own damn fault hes are president still.
Bush won because the state of Floridas votes got eaten by radioactive mutated bass !

True story, but yes...bush is a moron, but our nation voted for him :(, we are dumber for that, or the rich are greedy and wanted stupid tax cuts.

You know the world is messed up when a monkey runs one of the strongest countries & there is a mcdonalds on every street.
You'd think that in a country of 300,000,000-odd people where guns are legal (teh knowes) at least someone would've shot Bush by now. At least get him before the pretzels do. ;)
Elation, it's this thing called security. I know you UK people don't understand what that is...but it makes doing things like that very very complex. (Yes this was a joke for all you bitches that are going to get offended.)
And we can thank those southern rednecks for voting him in again(no offence :P) becuase they are racist towards other countries.

You intend not to offend but perform an offense! You sir, have offended me. :(

Git R Done!
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