or the rich are greedy and wanted stupid tax cuts.

Well, after all there are more rich people than anything in America. <_<
Yeah; Bush isn't stupid, just evil :)
For future documentation.. Rednecks are not racist against countries. Just Nigros, Mexican Americans, and Rag Heads. :o

I think the correct word for countries would be ,"discriminate." Though we don't do that either because we don't goto school and consider America the only country. :)

P.S: *sniff* My rabbit ears won't pick up fox news. :(
Knifo, if you want to blame anyone for Bush's reelection, blame the Democratic party for having no better candidate to set against him than John Kerry. (Howard Dean couldn't have lasted long.) And heck, blame the Republicans for having nobody capable of beating him in a primary, not that that's an easy thing against an incumbent.
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