Stray Games

by Falacy
Because BYOND.
Over 9,000 features and changes have been implemented in the last few weeks, but the biggest new additions are the Skill System and City Building.

Skill System:
Earn skill points by leveling up. Unlock any skill you want, in any order, and equip them to any hot-key. Swap out your basic shooting for a massively OP grenade toss, clunk down a turret to help you clear out a dungeon room, or spam a healing skill that makes you literally invincible. Skills can have 2 sockets attached to them at a time, allowing you to customize their functionality. Create grenades that pull in enemies and then freeze them, or a summon a SWAT Medic that heals everyone nearby while mowing down Zombies. The most balanced skills of all time! Now available - more to come

Building Systems:
The building system has been re-enabled, though it is still far from finished. You can build an Outpost to claim a 50x50 area of the map for your future city. Hospitals give a large health regen buff to anyone inside. All buildings will have NPCs you can assign to them, as well as upgrades you can purchase that generally improve your overall city, but those haven't been implemented yet. For now, these buildings instantly complete, but in the future they will layout the ground tiles, and then an NPC will construct the walls 1 piece at a time. 1,000 gold each!