Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

by Loyal_Krauser
The story by the side of the Sigma Team
I'm combining all the good codes I have made to do this game. Including your Own Sigma Team Character and clothes store system...

By the way, I have made this story, and Capcom accepted it. Have fun!

Even the zombies are scared...

Now is the time to tell the misterious and agressive side of the secrets behind the outbreak occurred in raccoon city...

Including a Free Roam System as seen in Darkside Chronicles BYOND.
-Special Operations Agents, R.P.D. Officers and Leon S. Kennedy as enemies.
-Become an agent with no scruples.

Story: You're an agent from the U.S.S. Sigma Team, your mission is delete every illegal evidence of Umbrella. But the U.S. Government sent their special team to stop you. Also you have orders to kill any R.P.D. officer on sight. Your team is very agressive and doesn't care about anything else than the team. Fight your enemies with the most newest technology. The Story is between RE2 and RE3
Nice game.
Great game... Nice Ideas
These Is a Good Game
so everyboby Play it
Hey Loyal ... Am planning on creating another zombie game and i'll would love for you to get in Contact with me i think i still have you on msn ... my name on Byond is Oborntokill998 :D
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