As many of you have been complaining about the lack of information on Bleach Odyssey 2, I decided it was time to lift the veil and reveal the project details to everyone.

Bleach Odyssey 2

Please note that the game is no longer called Bleach Odyssey - Roleplay 2. The game is NOT a full RP game. WAIT - before you start screaming and raging, let me elaborate.

Bleach Odyssey 2 is innovative, and will be nothing like previous Bleach games that have been released. To make you fully understand this, I'm going to reveal a few teasers on what functionality the game has and incorporates.

Character Creation


On start, the game requests whether or not you want to play the game in "RP Mode" or "PvP Mode". If you select RP mode, you are unable to be PKed unless you choose to lift your PK flag. You will be unable to interact with PvP characters unless you enter the PvP warzone OR accept a duel request by a PvP player. RP Mode players' OOC stats are completely determined by their IC accomplishments. With these, it's possible to level certain stats and upgrade your Zanpakutou with new skills.

There's an RP event generator that periodically spawns an RP event and asks every player whether or not they want to join in. If the player accepts "Yes", they are teleported to the event location along with all the other participants. These events will give rewards like RP Points, RP Ranks, RP Achievements and certain special armors or talents. Along with the RP events, players can participate in the main storyline (Which involves doing quests and missions.)


PvP is a new functionality I'm bringing into Bleach Odyssey 2. You level up by killing NPCs and other players, and by completing the storyline. After the player has reached a certain level, they can participate in the pvp warzones. Warzones will give special achievements, ranks and talents as well.

Obtaining A Rank

While I know this has been a problem in other Bleach games, Bleach Odyssey 2 takes an entirely different approach. Certain squads are designated as PvP or RP Only. The first 13 Captains in the game will be selected by me, and me alone. After that, Captains will obtain their ranks through the canon Bleach ways of getting Captain status. The same applies for every other rank on Bleach Odyssey 2.

Rewarding for Role Players

This is something that I'm the most excited about. Staff will no longer be the ones to determine if an RP deserves a reward - the playerbase will. Simply put, after each RP a player does, anyone who is in your immediate area will have the option to vote whether or not you deserve a reward. The amount of votes needed = 3 or "Yes" votes. The more votes, the higher the reward.

Staff Positions available :

1) Mapper x 2
2) Community Relations x 2

Applications can be made through me on MSN or e-mail :

[email protected]

I hope you guys are as excited about this as I am. Here's a screenshot to give you guys a feel of what the game looks like ;)

Screenshot looks epic... The base just kinda looks too eugh to be there.
That base was replaced for a reason - I don't want to spoil anything else ;)
Same ol' shit, just a different name...

Jk, Game looks good, keep progressing forward!
Looks cool, but im concerned about ,, Rewarding for Role Players system as i can already see many ways to abuse it :D

<3 Abooose ! Bind Ninja ,
Im a great mapper and i can do public relayions for you.
I expected nothing less. Keep up the good work Hishido.