Angel Falls

by Teka123
Angel Falls
Fantasy, RPG, Adventure:-Beta - Download available.
Well here's a new NPC i made in request for Jonaz, front view is done.... That's it.. animations are gonna kill me.


I have created some basic items.

Wooden/Steel/Iron Swords
Wooden/Steel/Iron Shields
Iron chest
Iron helmet
Captain Hat
Basic Top and, Bottoms which you can color yourself.

As you can see: bellow my Knight get up! lol

Oh yeah and Candy floss Trees are there.

The Game is shaping up well, Currently makeing a vault system so you can store your gold, since i will make it so if you die you loose a % of the gold you are carrying.
* hidden text, the 666 person to join my guild gets a year Byond membership*

Also PVP now works once your level 15.. anyway looking good :) quite a few things to kill, buy, lots of NPC's, i even have a garner, and i plan on adding more wild life and town NPC's.

Blah that'll do. :)

That tree is so fucking cute.

*Hidden text, the 666 person to join my guild gets a year Byond membership*

Which Guild XD
Favorite game on byond ^^
Good job! Keep it up. =)
Amazing dude your epic man i have no words for this but super super amazing!
They both look interesting, I'm looking forward in testing this game out. =D
Thank you all for the support :D, I'll be Hosting this Tragedy of a game sometime within the next 2 hours-ish :)

Grats to Almighty Team who was the 666 person to join this guild. he now has a Byond membership :)
Good job Teka... thats a way better game than mine... Bar none...

then again mine is more based on Hell itself...
Great Job =D
Teka I don't know you, but the game looks awesome and I can't wait to play the game when you have open testing! :)
Thank you very much :)