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by Falacy
Because BYOND.
Keywords: rarity
Starting out you want to looking into seeing if the shop has any items. Your going to have a somewhat hard time finding good items. Once you start leveling up.

At around lv 13 if lucky your rare find gear should be around 50 to 80%

Each time you leveling up you have a chance at getting better items with more %

Happy hunting and enjoy.
Is that an unaltered screenshot? Its interesting that your map area looks like it has AA smoothing, and your chat area is sharp. On my computer its the opposite.
Yes it's an unaltered screenshot.

Hello everyone I made this chart to get some of you new players a look into getting those rare items everyone likes to see.

Item Level + 3 to 6 is common when it comes to rarity find.
So a level 5 item with 11% rarity find is a sweet item.

Uncommon is Item level + 15 to 20
That is when you hit the jackpot!

Best item found in game:

Higher Level chart: rflv20to40dasuber.jpg

If you need something high in RF feel free to ask have fun everyone!