Angel Falls

by Teka123
Angel Falls
Fantasy, RPG, Adventure:-Beta - Download available.
Testing my new Ban button:

Ban hammer: literally a hammer that squashes people while it bans them.*squashes duck*

I also have Smite which sends down a lightning bolt, kicks them and scorches the ground.

When you die you loose 1/4 of your gold.
There is a Vault to store your money in for safety.

PVP is enabled at level 15.

At level 10 you may choose your class (though no skills can be gained yet)

I have an Auto AFK system after 1 minute.

My opinion was that it is to hard to make a female base so.. i did something else.
I used Byonds built in gender system, and then i made it so if you're a girl you get a pink name! everyone else gets blue names lol.

Besides the chests which i previously had, i now also have Barrels and crates which may contain miscellaneous items or gold.

:D Wohoo It's up now if anyone wants to test it:) Thankyou everyone for helping me test and for all the Support that's been shown.

Lol :P
I like the simple look and feel of the game, I enjoyed it :).
Dammit Teka! Stop finding ways of hurting people in-game! First, it's no normal attacks for me. Second, it's a virtual life time between two trees (I GOT BUGGED, AND I DON'T EVEN NOW HOW!). Now, it's a way to ban me with a *squash!*....

I will get you in your sleep e.e....... Try to stay awake, niglet...
Sooo Basic yet Sooo Awesome looking
I love the way your game looks <3
amazingly awesome.
Cool. Next time I come around, I'll be looking for this game.
Teka is by far the only one able to pull this off xD
Very good with a few minor bugs.

The HP and EXP didn't update until you got damaged or got more EXP.

Also typo on the guide says "You don't knwo what you'll find".
I like it!
Thanks guys :) Ok that typo is fixed woho!
I say you set a limit to the money you can put in a bank, taxes for putting it the first time, you also get the money increased every day or every x hours played, if you take it back too soon you won't basically have any earnings. And if your name is Chuck Norris you get +10000000000 gold per second, sounds good huh? Love yar' game bro <3 xDDD
The game looks fun and very original :) I wanna play! NOW! Lol.
I'd like to help you program, even pixel art as well? If you're interested drop me a line.
Hey Shifter :) thank you for your offer, though pixel art will be a no no, even if my art inst great, i plan to use this game as both a portrayal of my art, and also to help improve my art work.

Though if your around when i'm stuck on a programming issue or can help me make some of the tougher stuff i would never say no lol, though i will not give my source out, if you can either give me help or use Team Viewer then i'd be happy.
I wouldn't want the source anyhow, I'm just itching to program and I want to keep my DM skills sharp. Let me know if you want a system programmed just to look at how it operates, so you can build off it or create your own or even if you are just curious.
Well thank you Shifter to be honest since this is an rpg i want to have on screen text for various npc's and such and when things happen, Not ugly alert and switch box's like i currently have.

i don't know if you will be able to help me easily make on screen text box's for my npc's/events?

|-------------------------------- |
|Guard says: Stop right there! |
1 Ok!
2 You'll never catch me!

This was a very brief mock up lol. but yeah.
So you want an onscreen dialog type deal with different response choices?

I'm on it.
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