Angel Falls

by Teka123
Angel Falls
Fantasy, RPG, Adventure:-Beta - Download available.
Awsome game, my new favorite game on BYOND!!! I'm gunna be a regular player on this game from now on :P exept on mondays - wednsdays everyother week :P
Well thank you for that comment, this is an odd place to leave that message though lol,
Currently we are working on sorting the scanner out -it'll be interesting, also making more wings for the progression system and adding a multi sell option, as well as fixing the hud and hot slots making them swappable, moving, no glitches etc and adding some new areas as well as a skill or two:)
Damn u Teka i love your grass tile sooo talented
Aww Marik I'm sorry if you dislike my game :( but i'll keep trying. :)
i dont but the grass tile is to simple look at pokemon game icons and get ideas its simple but they look good. this is just advice not an insult teka
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