Bleach: The Final Rising

by Axerob
Coming Soon
For now, hosting an old version of a game on the hub.
Hate the Version Zarkus had up. This is the original game. <3
The other version (by BLH) is an outdated, buggy version that's trying to fuse Dragon Ball Finale with a Bleach game and failing miserably just because someone is throwing a tantrum.

This is the only TRUE Last Horizon.
I Liked BLH But i Loved it when it hade a Pvp server it was so amazeing Hopefully u can put one up for it
So, this is an alright game, 7/10, original owner of the BLH source, has it back.

I figured "cool might still be cool, less drama, no abusive admins."

Well, first thing that happened when I logged in, was... It was empty. Like, 3 people, no staff. Guess this is a majority american game. Oh well.

Secondly, I got on during american hours, and, like most bleach games, hollows and shinigami were really, REALLY unbalanced. Like... 0 hollow unbalanced. Dunno if they play at certain times or whatever.

Third, I actually go to RP with a few figures, but most of them were staff. I guess going with who you trust is good and all, but eh. I hope it doesn't stay like that. Admin priviledge is what ruined the game the first time around. Then it was sold, but that's a whole different story.

Right, so, fourth. The leveling system, they raise caps by 25 and 50 levels alternating, that's pretty cool. You get SP which you can dump into points (1:1% ratio), from killing enemy NPCs, devouring/soul burialing,and... Staying offline. That's probably the biggest issue, it would be really easy to just... Make an alt and transfer points. I'm sure there's some way to stop it. (I would have checked the website, but it freezes up for some reason, on 4 different computers. Should probably think about using something other than a free web host)

fifth, the actual RP. It was pretty fun RPing when I had the opportunity, but a lot of it was mediocre, and really quick paced, which sort of ruined the feel of the game. By which I mean, everyone either "had to go" or just wouldn't RP with me, didn't care enough to, AFK, etc. That's more of a playerbase issue though.

Sixth, and last, "certifications".

This was a concept I never really liked. I don't know if the admins limit how many they give out, or if they just don't pay attention to RP, but I sat and watched people RP an entire battle, with pretty damn nice grammar and spelling and sentence structure. They went without the first certification. From what i understand, there are 3, the first shouldn't be so ridiculously tough to get.

Anyway, that's just my feelings on the game. I'll probably wait until the community is a bit more settled. Decent game otherwise, hope it gets worked on instead of half-finished and thrown away this time, though.
Thanks for the fair review.

A new version of the game is currently being worked on, which is built from the ground up.

A few of the issues you have stated are valid, but some of them are the fault of the wipe runner, who picks all of the figures and overall how the wipe is ran.

You cannot transfer Skill Points between your own accounts either.

Certifications are annoying, but when they are "released" is the choice of the wipe runner as well.
I understand that, which is why I expect them to be less prevalent with upcoming wipes, when the community is a bit more settled and they can decide who's trustworthy with figures and whatnot. Screenshot looks good, will be nice to have skillcards.

I'm glad you're taking it in a new direction than just building on the old system. It looks really nice, can't wait to see how everything turns out.
Lawl. Admin abuse on server. I just said "i have the source for the game. Just realized" and got banned xD. Using a rip wont get you anything.
I might even post the source. Peace! :O
i'm on game a shinigami how can become full shinigami?
hoping for a PVP server RP is very narrow compared to PVP i would say
why was i banned did you do it Axerob you were online and then we were all going to practice and then i stopped moving but they didnt why did you ban me my character was karuko nakashima he never did any thing wrong.
Can you unban me i don't under stand did you do it it was this wipe i was rping with classmates at the academy when i got banned for no reason and i don't under stand why please unbann me!
I think we got tricked.
this game sucks ass i got banned for asking for help thats why this game sucks nobody can help someobody play the game it sucks it lloks like shit an its terrible
Gaius just finished banning me for telling him he was wrong. He had earlier claimed my Zanpakatou was slow, that was its main drawback, then later said it was a fast mobile zanpakatou. I pointed that out, he called me a liar, I copied an pasted him saying it, and a bit later, he banned me for refusing to listen to him telling me to shut up.
In response to Lawpiecla1
You were banned for ticking off the admin and not shutting up. You could have avoided this by stopping the arguement all together. Plus you were really winy, no one listens to winy person no matter the facts. Now if you want to play again make a new account and play right. You were in the wrong for not stopping the arguement. Also don't say you didn't see it coming, you were telling him he was straight up wrong.
wow this game is serius as hell, one of admins was explaing to me that I cant RP with shikai if I dont have shikai I said I know and they for lought I typed in OCC -uses Bankai- :D (and got baned)
Beware, before you start playing know that the staff can see all your messages, and will spy on you. Free speech? Not anymore.
They took our right of Free Speeach witch is aginst Human Decleration OF Human Rights, I dont want to play this game anymore...
Miron, mostly mean cybering... LOL the admins post what you say sometimes after if it was really funny. It's not like there going around banning people for saying in chat "blah blah blah this game sucks".

It's more like you ciber in chat and on of two things will happen. A)You'll be told not to do it anymore in ooc. B)They will wait for you to finish and post if after to mess with you. I sure there are other things its used like that for but I haven't seen them.
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