by GreatFisher
A vast adventure in a distant realm.
Keywords: tof, video
Well I know this probably won't be around for very long but I thought some people might see it.

The video shows some new art mainly the walls, the skill leveling system, the hud display to go with it, the new hud gauges and area entry art.

Hope you enjoy.
Your game looks brilliant, you've done a really good job :) I love the icons!
Great work Greatfisher. Looks rather clean. You've come a long way since Arena Game.
@ Branks IKR, lol that was just making a game for the sake of it, I actually want to make this game.

@ Lige I could use a hand with the icons if you wanted to pitch in, I'm not the best pixel artist but skills have got me this far.

and to everyone thanx for the nice comments.
Apparently i am EVERYONE ELSE
Teka123 wrote:
Apparently i am EVERYONE ELSE

I wondered when you'd pick up on that, lol I'm just kidding thanks TEK TEK :D.

Love the little icons :0