Pyrce High Map Maker

by MasterBraska
Pyrce High Map Maker
Make your very own map!
Pyrce High Map Maker.

Change any object to your own customized objects, from doors to containers you can do it all!

Want to change the objects name? Go ahead, there is no limit to what you can do, you can even make your own customized icon list now.

This version is very stable, and works very well.
I hope you all enjoy it.

Version changes listed on the forums.
Think you could toss up another download link for the map maker like you did for the main game?
The Byond hub download links related to your account seem to all 403/404 on me with the message "Error: MasterBraska exceeded bandwidth allowance."
Thanks in advance.
Only played this cuz I saw Higurashi lol
me to
I think Having a Video explaining alittle on how to built at least a room would be good, not all of us are good at building stuff
No offense Leo, but if your having trouble to find obvious items, then that's not good! Gotta work out the creative side of your brain, which is right side I believe. ;o
This'll probably sound stupid do I use it?