Shinobi Arts Online

by Jean Sqribe
Shinobi Arts Online
Naruto MMO with guild systems, village pvp, cutscenes, quests and much much more
It has been over 5 years since the Sound Village attacked the Great Shinobi Nations. They are up to something sinister and seem to have started collecting jinchurikis for a sinister purpose. A defector from the sound Village has told rumours of a giant orb that is collecting power and empowering the Sound Shinobi's. It is your time to shine young Shinobi, will you join the forces of good or evil. More importantly do you have what it takes to learn the true arts of a Shinobi.

True Character Progression
In SAO, you are given a unique way of leveling up your character. You gain a small ammount of exp for playing(doing various things in game), also you are able to gain higher exp gains by doing many of our PvE quests or PvP battle events.

We wanted to cater for all types of gamers, and we have you in mind when we think about progression. You can find out more details about the different syles of progression on our wiki. Leveling your character should come naturally, instead of a chore.

Quests to suit your playstyle
As you progress in the game, your stats will improve and after a while your favourite stats will start to shine. If you love to fist fight, you will be more likely to recieve close combat quests that give rewards to suit that style of play. If you prefer to run around assasinating things with chidori, you will be given quests to do just that. However that doesn't mean you cant do every quest in the game, the game will provide hours of fun doing whatever you want to do in an MMO styled naruto world.

Full Fledged Guilds
We understand that some players like to do their own thing. In SAO this is encouraged!, although you can get by perfectly fine by staying in one of the base Villages and assuming power in your favourite Village, you are also able to create your own Factions, with custom bases, or even take over a base with our Guild PvP system.

No random bans/mutes
We encourage all our players to speak their mind and actively test for bugs in the system. Our policy is that the system is at fault for allowing the player to abuse and not the other way round.

However, players who actively use abusive words towards others(cyber bullies), and "trolls", will not be tolerated. You will be given a warning on your first offence, and after your 3rd strike, your character will get deleted and you will be banned from the main server.

For more information, visit this page:
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good game keep that way^^
Thanks ^-^
says pick a hairstyle, there are none~
If your logging in for the first time, you may need to wait for the resources to download properly
this game is pretty fucking cool especially for alpha
THe games awesome please don`t stop working on it D: it will be epic...
I have quite a few exams this next 2 weeks, but after that the work rate will go back to normal :)
When you turning off Test Mode? I want to play the game legitly.
test mode will be taken off ~ Soon TM (:
I could not get into the game because they do not know how to create a char.
clickei in new game plus will not?
When is this game coming back Are you guys updating?
Played this is AWESOME! You should add missions and different ways of training stuff. very nice overall, cant wait for it to be finished
In response to Lordjamex
Lordjamex wrote:
When you turning off Test Mode? I want to play the game legitly.

Bumping this question since it has been 10 months.
The purpose of test mode is to give you something to do, while I still figure out how progression will be done in the game.

I will update the hub though, when the time comes for the game to played legitly ^_^
is this game supposed to be a naruto and sword art online mixture? was reading the description and cant get it out of my head
Selling the source if anyone's interested
Source is freely available at: check us out we moved the hub and are testing soon!