Hogwarts: a History

by Raimo
Hogwarts: a History
A role-playing game set in the universe of Harry Potter.
Previous Contributors:
Max Quickstaff-Programming
Zero-Pixel Artist

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Is this game down for good or something?
We've got a server up and running again, please join us to come and play!
Where is everyone? Why nobody plays -.-

My fave byond game

Good times...Good times.... I never got to be a teacher *cries*
if anyone would like me to host it i can host it about 24/7 hours , but where is the hosting files ?

Byond is dead.
Bring Back H;AH 2014
Bring back HAH!
briiiing baaaack H:AH !! D: D: D:
Bring back H:AH !!!!!

HAH will be returning in the near future for those of you that are interested. Future development for extra content has been planned but we are going to start off with source maintenance to fix up a lot of the bad and to improve on the old.
There seems to be two hubs...it's rather confusing which is the official/real/w.e hub........anyways...*drifts away*
In response to Sirwigglebottom
Sirwigglebottom wrote:
There seems to be two hubs...it's rather confusing which is the official/real/w.e hub........anyways...*drifts away*

The old hub under MZMDProductions is old, we don't have access to it anymore, that's why this hub was created. So I guess this one is the official one.
i was one of the original players, so ill be coming back to play this <3 best game on byond, are any of the original creators coming back?
Where the hell is the game? I'd like to play it again. :(
After looking into the source and how bad everything was, I decided a rewrite would be more worth our while than updating the current version. It would basically remain the same game, same maps, etc. Just it would be rewritten. A lot of the programming is just terrible and extremely redundant.

That said, I have another project that takes priority and HAH is not a primary focus. While many of us do miss the good old days, for now the project is still considered dead. The remake has quite a bit done to it already, which is good but don't expect it anytime soon.

Once again I apologize for jumping the gun and saying it'll be returning in the near future. That's definitely not the case as I'm putting a lot of investment into a game with an original concept.

If and when HAH is coming back, whether it be the original copy with fixes or the remake, we'll be the first to let you know.
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