Pokemon:Legend of the Three

by CDL1115
Pokemon:Legend of the Three
A Game In Progress
Rule List: 1.No spamming In OOC. 2.No asking for GM. 3.No player harassment 4.No fighting in OOC 5.No multikeying 6.No afk training 7.No excessive use of vulgar or foul language. 8.NO ASKING FOR PERKS. 9.NEVER KILL A WILD POKEMON!!!

*Requirements r all at the minimum*
Requirements: 3 Pokemon at level 2750
Rock Gymleader-
Thunder Gymleader-
Ice Gymleader-
Water Gymleader-
Grass Gymleader-
Dark Gymleader-
Flying Gymleader-
Fire Gymleader-

Requirememnts: 4 Pokemon of type at 5500
Ice Elite 4-:Kurushimu
Fighting Elite 4-:Char Aznable
Psychic Elite 4- :Ryu
Dragon Elite 4-

Requirements: 6 Pokemon of any type at 6000
Elite 4 Champion-

Requirements: 4 Pokemon of type at 3250
Magma Leader (Fire/Dark):
Aqua Leader (Water/Dark):
Rocket Leader (Poison/Dark/Normal):
Galactic Leader (Psychic/Dark/Flying/Ghost):
Hunter Leader (Normal/Dark):
Thunder Leader (Electric):
Mafia Leader (Any):
PkMn Ranger Leader (Any):
Darkness Leader (Dark):
Nevic Leader (Ghost/fire):
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