Stray Games

by Falacy
Because BYOND.
The amazingly tiny overworld! I know what you were all thinking before. Why are these graphics so large and finely detailed? Why does ol' boxy have so many pixels all over him? Well now all your dreams have come true! With the tiny tiny overworld map mode.

This first implementation of the overworld doesn't include many features, mainly existing colonies and gameplay have been converted to work in the new overworld map. The main reasons for this change were due to BYOND's billion limitations, between map size and processing power limitations. Having instanced colonies will allow for a larger overall world, and allow for AI that's actually being used to be handled more functionally and efficiently.

Though it wasn't intended, this has actually given a lot more direction to the gameplay plans. I have been trying to decide how I wanted random survivors, campsites, story sets, and other events to appear around the game. With this new overworld map mode, it solves all of those problems, and also gave a bit more functionality to colonies. In future, players will be able to choose a main faction, and siege player (and NPC) built colonies for global control. It should all work a bit like Mount & Blade's singleplayer.

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Falcon lazorz wrote:
What about the magical farting Falcon statue?

Its on the to-do list as a dungeon boss
In response to Falacy
Falacy wrote:
Falcon lazorz wrote:
What about the magical farting Falcon statue?

Its on the to-do list as a dungeon boss

I want my own weapon if he gets to be a boss.

EDIT:Exclusive weapon.
The overworld add was a huge turn off at first. However, once I saw what it actually was I gotta admit I loved the concept. Great update!
Yut Put wrote:
I've found the Doctor.

Yut Put wrote:
It resembles the TARDIS.

lol its supposed to be a car
now it needs a beach and sea to get a tan at and then swim
You could easily add hidden dunegons around the maps parts later, that could or could not change position every time the sever goes down.
i would try to make a additional graphic viewer option so some players wont get confuse how small the images are and so forth:)