Pokemon Race Against Time

by Aceraptor
Pokemon Race Against Time
Guess who's back :D


-Original Owner: Rose (Haseo00jr)
-Owner: Superboy (KururugiSuzaku)
-Owner: Aceraptor (Aceraptor)
-Head Admin:
-Admin: Open
-Admin: Open
-Admin: Open
-Temp Admin:Open
-Event Coordinator: Open

Official Testers:


Player Rules:

1. Do not Multikey. -ban-
2. Do not use excessive profanity or avoid the profanity filter. -mute-
3. Please don't abuse any bug found within the game. -ban, deletion of Pokemon-
4. Do not spam caps. -mute, boot-
5. Don't threaten anyone, it's just a game. -mute, ban-
6. No advertising. -boot, ban-
7. No spamming (excessive caps, etc). -mute, boot, ban-
8. If you have an issue, please report it to a GM, or use the forums. Please do not shout about it in game. -mute, jail, boot-
9. No AFK Training (training without being active on the game). -ban, deletion of Pokemon-
10. A Gymleader will battle you if he/she wants to, do not pester him/her. -mute, jail, boot-
11. Do not clone your Pokemon. -ban-
12. Do not pester GM's, it is very annoying. Use admin-help. They'll most likely notice it and help you. -mute, boot, jail, ban-
13. Do not attack another persons Pokemon without prior consent from both parties. -jail-

Admin Rules:

1. Please let the players find Pokemon on their own. Don't help them by summoning them. If they need help just lead the way. -demotion-
2. You are a player, don't abuse the power I give you. I gave it to you for a reason. -demotion-
3. You are required to help a player if they need help. -demotion-
4. Do not create yourself a Pokemon. -demotion-
5. Do not unjustly punish a player. -demotion-
6. The players have the right to speak their mind. If they don't like you, that's too bad, you cannot punish them for speaking their mind. If they get disrespectful and begin to spam, caps, etc. you can punish them. -demotion-
****Any violation of the rules will result in punishment.****

Gym Leaders:

Fire Gym:

Water Gym:

Thunder Gym:

Flying Gym:

Poison Gym:

Fighting Gym:

Psychic Gym:

Normal Gym:

Bug Gym:

Ice Gym:

Rock Gym:

Grass Gym:

Rainbow Gym:

Ghost Gym:

Dragon Gym:

Eevee Gym:

Org Rules Rules

~1.Leaders you are allowed to have at most 3 Co Leaders.

~2.To the grunts,commanders, luts, etc. Org hopping is not encouraged and will not be allowed. Make a decision and stick to it.

~3.Org Wars are only to happen on the weekend when all organizations will be at their peaks.

Organization's(3 Pokemon Level 75. No cap):

Pokemon Hunters:Open

Pokemon Rangers:Open

Team Magma:Open

Team Aqua:Open

Team Rocket:Open

Team Galactic:Open

Gym Leader Rules

~1.Players can tell if your not doing your job, so they can remove you from Gym leader/E4 spot.

~2.The requirements are 3 Level 50 Pokemon with a cap of 75. Also you must be committed to your position for at least a week before a demote is even in question.

~3.Gym Leaders, You are allowed a minimum of 6 challengers per day.

~4.Gym leaders, stop training if you know no one can beat you <.<< <\br>

Elite 4(5 Pokemon level 75 with a cap of 100.)

First E4: Open
Second E4:Open
Third E4:Open
Fourth E4:Open
E4 Champion:Open

PRAT World Champion: Open

2017 All Rights Reserved
Pokemon Race Against Time Rebirth is in no way working with Nintendo, Gamefreak, or any other official Pokemon company's.

Special thanks to:
Previous Owner: Superboy(KururugiSuzaku)
Let me host it, I can host it 24/7.
i see someone hostin it but i cant join >:(
Wtf is wrong you need a new host Greatfisher cant host !
make me guss your zoroak icon is like PRAT right?
the game is bugged hard i cant see ooc i have no tabs i cant save and i dont think anyone else can to
Banner by me~ c:
I will give you credit on the hub.
-Host: Aero
Thanks my lovely friend <3
If greatfisher is helping I will offer my skills as well :b
Anyone know when PRAT will be back up :o Just re-found it a few days ago!!
It won't be, unless Ace hosts it.
Darn :/ well i hope Ace does :/
Is back!!!
Aceraptor, is there a way to gain this game it's fame back? I know BYOND is not in it's prime for any longer, but something needs to be done for bigger playerbase.
I'm trying to find a way because it's not having the player base I was hoping for. If you have any ideas contact me. I want this game to be back to it's former glory
First, you need a much smaller staff. You only need enough to where you can cover the times when the game has more than a few people playing.

Second, you need content updates. I've seen tons of games die because of the lack of content. Games should update, and update. And update. Players need new things to do, always, or many of them will get bored and quit.

Third, ^^You should update.

Fourth, you need to advertise, or get people who can advertise, on a small scale for now, as it's seemingly not very popular at the moment. With this, you can grab some static, or loyal players who'll come on every day, and stay.

Fifth, you need to focus more on motivating players, which can be done with points, rewards, badges, leaderboards, etc. This method works in schools, the workplace, and many other places, basically putting game elements and mechanics in there, so it obviously will work on a well built game.

Sixth, the aesthetics. Make it look pleasing to the player. Fixing those little icon glitches and actually polishing up the map, straying away from those older turfs, and anything else that cleans the look up helps tremendously.

Seventh, you need to focus on the goal of the game. Early goals are to get as many players to come and stay, usually.

Message(Still Seventh) to Staff Members: Don't use extremely high vocabulary and act too mature with your players. It's almost too obvious that you're not, and probably will not be in the next few years. To attract players, they have to feel at home, in an environment that appreciates the company. You need to make sure that your level reflects the players, so they won't feel like an alien.

Players also need to act normal. A really bad case you can have is when two players quarreling results in one leaving. Just because staff members need to stop acting overly mature doesn't mean they need to stop some players from being idiots. Many staff members are a little to lenient with banning or any other form of punishment. The thing is, one player removed from the community can result in peace, and the population will continue to grow, and grow.
It's hard to advertise BYOND games nowadays to public. Would be better if someone could just direct their friends who like Pokemon on here and then the word would spread out.
That's exactly what I meant, thanks for opening it up.
Thanks for the advice. I'm actually going to get started into some action of working on some updates for the game right now.
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