by Taitz
Become a leader of your own faction and develop it or join an existing one. Claim land as your own and make allies. Most importantly, wage war and have fun!
Hello there!

I would like to announce that the game will be playable soon, I have been working my butt off on this, sure there doesn't seem to considerable progress perhaps, but since I have been making updates daily the list should be pretty huge.

There a only a few things I need to tinker with or add to the game for it to be playable, even so, do consider that it is merely an alpha, certain systems have been tested through-roughly, but there are some which haven't.

One of the major elements, which need to be done is the guide on how to play the game and what exactly interacts with what, etc.

We also got a shell server, which is provided by Michael N, thanks to him the server can be up 24/7.

We hope to be listed soon.

I'll be providing answers to all questions, feel free to ask.
Sweet, can't wait. ;)
What kind of game is it?

Can we get some screenshots?

Will there be ducks?
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Here they are kinda old but should give you a general idea.
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Taitz wrote:
Here they are kinda old but should give you a general idea.

If I was to give my opinion on those screenshots; Simple, yet nice but.. not suited for a game with the term "fight" in it. I don't see that happening. This is more harvest moon type, I'd say.