Hey guys. I wanted some more practice with my tablet so I asked Yut Put if I could make something for Epic: Legend. I am livestreaming my creation of the main antagonist, "Ryzal".
An update: Here is the progress so far.

I'll be starting it up again in about 5 minutes. Same link as the OP.
Here is the final version for Yut Put, and the final version that I like :P


Can you post just the lineart? i wanne color it :P
Sure, once I get back to my computer lol.
Here you go. If you use paint tool sai I can upload the .sai.
Doing another piece for Yut. I've started a bit already, but I'll be livestreaming at about 10:15.
Looks like a fusion of Amon from Avatar with Ezio from creed.
Progress as of tonight. Had some setbacks, so this is all we've got done. (The hair is still in-progress lol)

Albro, I didn't know you knew how to draw.
Not only that, he can lift too, and brogram. He's pretty much a bro-God.
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Yeah, I advise everyone to implement the Brotocol into their lives.