Stray Games

by Falacy
Because BYOND.
--Have Dungeon Floors give a bonus to XP gain when picking up a green block as well. I was thining something like .5% per floor. This would require level 200 for a 100% boost. This may be a bit low. Maybe .75% or even 1% per floor.

--Grenade Perk- TNT- Allows grenade to destroy blocks.

--Dungeon Item: Space Shoes: Togglable on and off. When toggled on makes you immune to warp floors. Warp floors can be fun for positioning which is why I suggest it be togglable.

--Make 'Chance to Freeze' affect from items togglable. Even if you can destroy them with melee this is still just INCREDIBLY annoying to deal with. Or, make 'frozen zombie bodies' not last (nearly) as long.
Side Note: It'd be nice to see other elemental weapon affects, more on that later (Can we say attachments?)

--Able to purchase a skill that allows the Magnet feature to be used while not inside the dungeon (This skill WILL NOT function in the dungeon and is replaced by the Magnet Dungeon Item while in the dungeon.)

--Just get rid of Life on Kill. It's a completely garbage stat in comparison to Life on Hit or Life Steal and basically just takes up a stat slot in my opinion. Otherwise you need to crank up the values for it compared to LoH or LS, but I'd personally just prefer to see it gone.

--Make it so that to sell you have to rightclick while the Sell Icon is toggled on or something like that. It is WAY TOO EASY to accidentally sell something because Sell does not toggle off when you exit the menu and I have fubared myself like four and probably more before this is changed.

--Add ONE Item Stat Filter, and I'm sure you know which one: FRRRRRRRR.

--On the item appearance thing: I think it'd be easiest to just allow the player to set the appearance of themselves manually, but if you'd like to keep it tied to items, perhaps a player can setup a 'default appearance for (this slot' which cause any item equipped in that slot to be changed to the appearance selected.

--(**Edited**)--Floor Waypoints: Instead of having it return you to the last floor you were on when you re-enter, I think it would work better if there were sets of 'level goals' that you could return to. 10 seems a little low but perhaps starting at 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, 750(or 1000), etc, and you can return to whichever floor waypoint you would prefer. In addition, I think if such a system is used, you should implement a 'Floor Bonus Penalty' to where any bonus (Currently FR) that you would have from having transvered through the floors naturally would need to be regained upon using a WayPoint to re-enter. For Example: You Return to Floor 100. Your bonuses are at 0, but upon reaching Floor 101, you are given +1 FR from reaching a new floor, as well as +5, because of you 'recovering' 5% of the bonus(99) you would have had if you had gone through the floors normally. This is to make it to where people can't just be like 'Well I'm just gonna hop in this person's party, get Waypoint 10,000, then just farm level 10k until I'm a boss because I'm a mooch.' They will have to go through at least 20 floors to gain the full bonus back.
(HUGE Edit: I need to ask you about the Party system as well. Currently as it is I'd say it's very flawed, especially with this system. Waypoints would be useless if people can just hop around giving each other the lvl 10k waypoint or whatever. I'd say that they shouldn't be able to join the party if the person is on a floor beyond their currently obtained waypoints, or something similar to that effect. Although I suppose an easy way to do it would be to have the waypoint activated by defeating the boss of level 249, and then the waypoint takes you to lvl 250, so that it'd be really hard for people to just 'give' waypoints away.) All of these numbers are just examples.
Would make dungeoning more appealing than afking with ally/turret/pet. Yespls

Blocks can get annoying. Yespls

Eh, well, I don't see why not. Don'tseewhynotpls

OH GOD YES PLEASE DO THIS. Ohgodyespleasedothis

Ehhhhhhhhhh. Eh

Eh, well, I don't see why not. Don'tseewhynotpls

I haven't accidentally sold something like that, but I agree. Yespls

I was going to suggest a filter system like If (Has stat) and If (Stat has minimum selected amount) > Add to filter or something. Never got around to it.

Hrm, I think I know what you mean but I'm not entirely sure. I was going to suggest like 5 custom load-outs, like if you wanted more Life Steal/Life on Hit than RF, you can set a loadout of your items with those stats. Again, never got around to it. =P

More ideas:
Dungeon Item Upgrades: It'd be awesome if certain Dungeon Items 'upgraded': The 'upgrade' item will only spawn if you already possess the first one. Examples:
Heart Piece-> Big Heart
Magnet->Vacuum(increased speed)
Protect(becomes 25% reduction?)->Sanctuary(50% or 75% if not nerfed Protect? I wouldn't recommend this.)
Um...Possibility of many additional dungeon items via this if accepted.

Mana Regen:Mana Regen seems incredibly fast and could be tweaked for the current system. I'm presuming that it has a base regen of 1 because that's easiest so I think an easy way to tweak this would be to give 1000 base mana and just make things more expensive, but keep mana regen at a low number. Perhaps then there could be mana regen on items (though not sure about it), or maybe you could add passive skill trees or something neat, with one of them having mana regen. Not necessary at all because I love the system as it is and I'm sure once there's a buttload more moves that having a fastpaced mana regen will be awesome.