Stray Games

by Falacy
Because BYOND.
FAQ on how to begin playing the game:
1) Hit Tab and go to Skills, Purchase Ally and set it to a skill slot, then summon him.

2) Enter Centrosia and proceed to the center. Of the four buildings placed in four (diagonal) directions, enter the southwest blue building and go down into the stairs. You are now in the dungeon.

3)Proceed to kill zombies in the dungeon. The dungeon items are incredibly useful***Note*** You CAN get all of the dungeon items, it only overwrites the image on your display, you still retain the others effects.***(link to them here: ) and there are also Shops in the dungeon, but at this point you should probably focus more on just killing zombies and collecting equipment from them. Make sure you pick up the green blocks especially because this is your XP and extremely important to gather. Yellow blocks are of course gold and also important to pick up. You can check your gold by hitting Tab and looking above your mana in the bottom right corner.

Note: It is highly recommended that you spent your second skillpoint obtained at level 2 on the Medic perk for your Ally. This is one of the most powerful moves currently in the game and will greatly help your progress through the dungeon. At this point you're pretty much set and should have a pretty good feel on how to play the game.
Note 2: For now thirst hunger and sleep do not affect you. To restore them for now (all 3 of them) you need to eat food items, which drop off of animals.