Player base is 50, 10 of them stay all the day on including GM so they do their work cleaning the game for people who want to play and make it even better :D The game itself is playable and as a spammer appear spamming they got advertice and if they continue they got banned...We enjoy the game :) n_n
I have watched as a harsh and swift punishment is dropped upon wrong doers. I myself have participated in flushing out the corrupt person(s)... Sadly enough, even those who were close to me! In the words of Sterling Hayden:

"I was a rat, a stoolie, and the names I named of those close friends were blacklisted and deprived of their no-livelihood".

I am a GM on supremacy, and as others have said before me; we do our best to remove those who continue to spam advertise both this game and others. Of course we can get all of them, especially when the players mentioned in the initial post, do not actively play Supremacy any longer. What they do ouside of the game is not under our control but I do apologize fore the inconvenience you've had due to them.

But attempting to get the whole game of Supremacy punished for the actions of a few players who do not even play our game, is rather irresponsible of you. You should be filing a complaint against those who are spamming you, not the game that dozens of innocent players enjoy on a daily basis.
All the same game sit afk getting op.
That's what happens when the owners ask people to advertize the game by spamming people in the first place. So yeah, it is your fault.
As I mentioned in a previous comment, feel free to follow that...

Takahashi Hotaru
I love dragonball supremacy, i have 6 personal friends who play with me and we LAN party it up (in the real world, lol) on weekends sometimes. The game has a great following and consistently has 40+ people online, even during the very early AMs. - in my opinion dont just get rid of a great game; punish those whom spam for their spamming, not the rest of us who just enjoy the game
In response to ImmeasurableHate
ImmeasurableHate wrote:
All the same game sit afk getting op.

Are you saying that sideshow abortion you call a game is better? -yawn- why don't you go play a game where u can glue your face into a GM's ass for unfair advantages k?
Lol love how all the players that are barely ever on the forums are linked on here to defend the game on a thread nobody cares about because it won't stop them from lying or spamming.
I don't think that Ibis has ever asked anyone to spam advertize or advertize period
this game is only about being afk but besides that, this games Owner doesnt have to and wouldnt result to being so hungry for players as most of byond games who go to such lengths to spam players just to cause situations such as this . more then likly this is another attempt at Byond fame cough as well as maybe insure a spot on a games staff maybe where they know nothing about anything other then the title they go Hard to get just ot be useless and another game with staff that are useless.

As are many of byond games, unlike supremacy we build as a community and a well built staff to not allow such minor acts as Spamming, our goal is to allow each and everyone who plays to enjoy there time and continue to injoy it as long as they play . IF this game isnt your style so be it we all have our own types and styles of game types but youll still always be welcome and nvr will u ever not get the help u miss and lacks in many other games .
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Lol "Atol Soldier" spams the game himself. I've gotten dozen of those annoying messages, and he's the owner.
No game gives you unfair advantages but rips like Supremacy. Oh wait they don't need to do that cause 5 seconds of being afk makes your pl over 9000.
The game gives some benefits to those who pay to help keep the server running, for giving their own money to the game; they deserve some extra features.

As for you saying the owner himself spams the game, would you care to provide proof of this "spam" or are we all intended to just take your word for it? If you have no proof then you have no case.
Excuse me if this is rude, but there are games that do you give you unfair advantages. An example is a game called Bleach Eternity I played. Once you reached a certain power you had to buy "credits" (with actual money) to progress. My 2nd point is that the amount of power gained should not make a difference. As long as it is scaled. If one game takes 15 minutes to gain 3,000 powerlevel. Yet another game takes 15 minutes to gain 30,000 powerlevel. It is scaled, no? It will be the same with bigger numbers.

Takahashi Hotaru
You want proof? Use the forum search feature. There have been multiple posts with screenshots of him advertizing the game lol
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