Dragonball Z Online Unlimited

by John007qwe
Dragonball Z Online Unlimited
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In response to Farcere
Farcere wrote:
Tails, more hair styles, hair color choices, some vendors.

All can be expected in time. I have to sprite other things atm.
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Genesismagician wrote:
Adding an "Ignore" verb so you can block the chats of people on your ignore list would be nice.

Better character customization.

An "FAQ" in the help list to aid new players in how to unlock techs, items, places, ect.

John has plans to add both an ignore verb and a revamped character customization. However, a FAQ will only be there for troubleshooting. I don't intend to give away the secrets of the game. I want there to be a sense of accomplishment and not insta-gratification.
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Farcere wrote:
Some more quests, like ones for killing nappa, vegeta, etc. to give people a direction to go towards so they don't have to be constantly asking what to do where to go.

Ha! That would be less spam in the chat, right? That will most likely happen. Your other suggestions too.
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Farcere wrote:
I can icon and get back into coding if you guys ever need extra hands.

Start a thread about this with something you have sprited, please. :)
Are we so blind as to forget that this is a suggestions thread for racial traits?

To the point;

Being a "Prideful Warrior Race", they ought to have an innate bonus to physical penetration and defense- As they value strength above all else, they have become an epitome of "musclehead". 10% Physical Penetration and 5% Defense.

Humanity is very diverse. As such, Humans can specialize a total of 15% (in three 5-percent increments) in any secondary stats as they please.

Being a peaceful people whose warriors are only in their craft to defend their home, they have an innate 5% Defense and 10% Evade.

Freeza was an immensely powerful space emperor during his time. His endurance against those who fought him, and his survival of a Spirit Bomb are also a testament to his race's ability to take on foes for extensive periods of time (Hundreds of episodes, natch!). 5% Defense, 5% Ki Defense, and 5% Ki Penetration.

Let's face it. Buu was goddamn indestructible, he'd just bend in on attacks and bounce back out! How can you kill something that deflects attacks like rubber? 15% Defense.

The very spawn of hell take no greater delight than in the destruction of others, and the realm of the living. As such, they would far prefer to inflict as much damage as possible- Offense is the best Defense. 10% Physical Pen and Ki Pen.


I'd have more, but I can't think of very much for Bios, and I don't remember the entire race list ._.
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