8 Bit Trip

by El Wookie
Bits are Gr8! Sidescrollers are great!
8 Bit Trip is an 8 Bit Sidescroller game that's meant to challenge your dexterity and intelligence as you go from puzzle to puzzle with your Co-Op partner solving mysteries in crime! Well not really, but I like to dream.
Currently in pre-alpha, the game only has four real levels, and requires at least two players to be playable. In the future I'll make the game load specific campaigns for 1 to 4 players, along with user-made content and challenge levels.

Please note!
When starting the game a music track plays, and if you're not the host of your world I HIGHLY suggest going into Settings and Options, Client, Command and running .configure delay 0. A high delay will result in poor and clunky controls.

Bobbinator: Music
Forum_Account: Side scroller library
El Wookie: Programming
Magicbeast8: Art