Tales of Judgement R

by Mana Production
Tales of Judgement R
RPG of One's Decisions Affects The World - Requires Byond Ver. 513.1524+
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I had this review sitting on the back burner mostly cause the game went down pretty fast. I then thought even though players can't check the game out themselves maybe this review could still help the developer.

This game is still is the early alpha stages but there's some charming potential.

I like the combat system, so far as it feels really unfinished, but it feels odd. I'm not sure what is planned but even the archer has to be with-in punching distance to attack. I kind of wished they had mega-man-esque like projectiles and having players dodge it and such. The combat system is making use of walking around so I'm hoping projectiles and dodging and such are planned. One thing I don't really like is the need to defend/block in order to build up what are pretty much "action points". Kind of breaks the flow down to literally taking turns. Those kind of side-scrolling mechanics beg for a face paced beat-em-up feel.

Another thing that glares at me is the graphics, they're the same old RPG-Maker stuff. I understand not everyone can whip up some icons- but I still think, even crudely - unique icons have way more grace than just using open libraries.

At the moment it looks like all the "portals" lead to the same interior where you fight chickens. I'm guessing this is just the early stages but it's still worth trying out just to check out the battle system.

Some suggestions I would make is to move the chat box out of the map element, there's room for it I think. Some of the text is also a bit wonky.
Overall, while not a bad start to a game, I think they need to really work on that battle system as it could be a very fun experience.
I agree with quite alot of things in this review and I do hope alot of suggestions do get added, as some players have suggested are quite decent.

The way you have to get into areas is use the Mission NPC while thats fine and all it seems like is talk to quest NPCs > talk to mission NPC > select area > go through area and kill the boss, and repeat, there is also a a fairly decent gap when you hit the third area from the second area (also having the way out of town leading to the beginner training room does not make sense at all, alot more things could be actual menus rather than skin box popups which seem rather inconsistent, but I know its an alpha. So we'll have to see how it all progresses.
Also to furthermore to add to this I also wanted to say that the monsters also attack way -too- fast and I believe there should be a delay for monsters attack speed at the very least. I've also manage to glitch out of a battle after winning, I am not sure what happened to cause it, but it is possible to glitch out of a battle screen and then soon afterwards you could wander around the battle screens if you so choose and into the void!

You'll probably have to do some testing for yourself to see, but I would probably want to stop people from being able to get past the battle screen and also stopping the glitching out as well.

Lastly, I never saw any better equipment besides weapons in the shops, but I am sure you'll add more anyways as the game gets more developed and also there was no option to really mute background music or sound effects and the only way to do so at the moment is manually through BYOND itself, but yeah other than that it is looking pretty good so far.