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Hey, everyone. Was gone for close to a year, and finally came back a few months ago... but, had to leave again due to personal reasons concerning my family. I'm back once more, and plan to stick around. I'm not sure how much has changed, though I have been reading posts about the new pager. It sounds interesting. Anyways, I'm sure some of the people I used to talk with... have left, but does anyone remember me?._. Anyone?

Hopefully not forgotten. :x
I remember you.
In response to Lugia319
Lugia319 wrote:
I remember you.

Oh, really?._. Yay~ <3 But, sorry... me no remember you. :x
The truth? Nope.
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Neimo wrote:
The truth? Nope.

Figured as much.
Falcon lazorz wrote:
I think you're the guy who always wrote on Yut Butt's shoutbox about being a fanboy.

lol Yeah, a fanboy for some of his games. I like his art style.