I would like to fix the elusive bug where hardware mode crashes or flickers for some users (we have a lot of reports telling those users to toggle it off). However, as I can't see the issue myself, I'm just grasping at straws. So if someone has the problem and is willing to spend a bit of time with me, I'd like to do a chat session and pass on some debugging builds.

Since I've encountered the issue before, I'd love to help.
I can be contacted either on Skype or phone conference if that's easier.
Whenever you want to get in touch to set this up just page me.
Well, first off, when you run a game in hardware mode, what are you seeing? I just need to make sure I understand the problem and that you can reliably reproduce it.
Windows Vista does some kind of flickering if you have an older computer.
I think I can produce this problem on my virtual machine. I'll check right now and get back to you.
Ok, great. Anyone getting the flicker in particular would be helpful as I can try some things and get you to try a new build. I did find one clue as to why this might be happening so I'm going to see if I can fix that.
Title of Window: Hardware Rendering

Message: Unable to render graphics in DirectX. Falling back on software (GDI) mode. If this condition persists, you may want to update your DirectX drivers and/or dlls (BYOND requires DirectX 9 or later to take advantage of hardware rendering). Alternatively, you may disable hardware rendering through client preferences. You can access this by hitting the F1 key to pull up the "Options & Messages" dialog, and then selecting "Preferences" under the "Client" menu.

DX error message: Unable to create device

Options: OK


Now, I think if I run games that use a lot of graphics then it will flick. But does this seem like it?
Could you download version 493 and see if you get the same issue? That is found in
Will do.
Tom, can you supply some test cases where you know it occurs?
I can't seem to reproduce the issue.
I don't really know how it's supposed to work. Some people get the initialization error Xirre reported above. Some get constant flickering. So if people reliably get either, then I'd like to do some testing.
I get that hardware rendering message ALL the time on my Virtual Machine - It's Windows XP
SillyChild123, can you test version 493 (posted above) and tell me if you get the same result?
Yup, I still get them, if you're interested in seeing this through, I am willing to cooperate with you, you can contact me on Skype: DontDreamLiveG
Most virtual boxes don't support proper DirectX rendering anyways, testing this bug on them is fairly moot; it should be tested and debugged on real hardware.

I've never once used a VM that supported the requirements for BYOND's hardware rendering mode, no matter the DX version in use.
Oh I see, sorry for the false alarms then.
Yes, that's a great point, Nadrew. I'm more interested in the flickering bug some users have been reporting, presumably on a native Windows Box. This is a bigger issue because the "unable to render graphics" bug at least properly falls back onto software mode.
I still get the problem. - I am running a virtual machine though. It can support DirectX as I have tested it but don't take my complete word for it as I don't know much about DirectX anyways. So I may be missing something here.
To be clear, you see the problem in 493, yeah?
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