A_Flexible Save System

by Andre-g1
Allows it's user, a flexible use of savefiles.
From the documentation.dm :

Current procs:

CreateCharacter() - client procedure, does exactly what it's supposed to, creates a character and assigns the current_slot variable to it(current_slot is assigned a number corresponding to the first slot available.)

LoadCharacter() - client procedure, searches for the savefile according to the slot the user picks and calls mob.Load() on that slot. Only the slots where there are characters created show up on the input window.

Creation() - client procedure, just to start off on client/New() with the input asking what they wish to do.

GetSlots() - client procedure, gets the slots currently used and returns them.

SaveCharacter() - mob procedure, creates the savefile based on the path and the current_slot variable

Load() - mob procedure, loads the savefile based on the current_slot variable assigned on LoadCharacter()