Pokemon Red Steel

by Fire_Laena
Pokemon Red Steel
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Here is my idea... you know how there are many different Pokémons? Well, each time you capture a Pokémon, you'll get it's card. This card can then be shared between trainers who have other exclusive Pokémon that you don't. Why share Pokémon cards, you ask? Because there is a man named the Card Collector who will see how many Cards you have scanned, and will give you prizes accordingly. For example, if you scan 10 Pokémon for cards, you will get 5 Pokeballs. This is an effective way of adding a PokeDex-like feature to the game, since you can only get cards from Pokémons you see or meet. Not only that, but this may increase the popularity of Pokémon Red Steel. The following rules could apply :

1 - Once you get a card, you'll never lose it, you can't drop it, but you can still share it with other trainers, so that they can complete their "scanning" journey without having to catch'em'all. Sharing is like copying and pasting, you don't lose the original card.

2 - When a Pokémon evolves, you instantly get the card of his/her evolution.

3 - Each card has an owner name, for example, if you catch a Pikachu, you'll get a Pikachu card with your name on it. When you share cards with others, your name will be always there, think of it like the OT name from the portable games.

4 - Shared cards can be re-shared with other trainers as many times as you want, and if you share a card with someone, they can share your card with other people.

5 - You can also have a shiny Pokémon card, these ones can only be shared once. The Card Collector will exchange these for super-exclusive content, like, for example, a Hyper Beam TM. They can only be acquired when you catch a shiny Pokémon or when you use the Event Seller to turn your Pokémon into a shiny.

And that's my idea. I'll be waiting an answer.