by Bloodocean7
A Mini Game Based On A Spider!
UPDATE! v1.2 Now there is a enemy Bee that will destroy your webs and try to attack you!

This is a game I made while taking a break from developing my larger projects.

It's a simple game based on a spider eating flies!

You get points by making webs and catching flies!

You win when you get 25 points!

All Original code and "Art" by Bloodocean7!

With only the finest *cough* pixel art, made possible by science!

I may make it a more polished game in the future if I have nothing better to do or even make it into something entirely different.

Either way, To show I am still active and developing here is: Spider.

PS Become a Byond Member and Enjoy The Awesome Benefits of being a spider with a hat! :)
loved the hat haha
Seriously BYOND is laughing and how is it even being listed as a full game? moderators are losing their minds.

If you want to make a good game I'll help.
it's true, i normally don't like it when random games get released when others are left in the dark, but seriously, bloodocean does have more motivation than alot of people on byond, and i rate it'll encourage more people to actually make games.

"automatic door handling" by some nub, we really need listing so shit like that doesnt get up