Shinobi: Asura's Path

by AsuraPathProductions
Shinobi: Asura's Path
Currently in Beta
Features to Come

Game Map - The game will be receiving a new map. One without area transition, meaning it will be one giant map instead of individual pieces.

Skill Cards - The old icons will be swapped out with something more graphically pleasing.

Character Animations - I'll do my best to update each character and get rid of some of the buggy animations, as well as add new ones for the upcoming skills.

Jutsu - New jutsu based on the series, as well as custom jutsu will be added. On that note, special jutsu like Eye Implant will be added and Bijuu, Legendary Swords, and things of that sort will be distributed by special events and missions in game instead of as full edit. This is subject to change, as we might decide to have NPCs doing most of the work.