Spirit Age

by Chris Gayle
Spirit Age
An amazing action adventure game in a fantasy world on mystical islands
Hello Byonder's. Bare with me because Ive had to rewrite this post 3 times each resulting in the post being deleted some how.

So we've pretty much went underground for the past few months. during this time we worked on on the spirit Age engine.

Spirit Age Engine is a game development kit made specifically for spirit age. Its main objective was the remove the boundaries between conception,design and implementation. what this means is that we removed the 'Need' for programmers to code in content.

The Engine consists of several key components which are:

1. AI and behavioral editor: AI editor basically allows us to take an NPC AI template and alter it. With This we can create Unique NPCs with Smarter AI without have to write any code.


2. 'Live' Map editor: This was the first feature that made its way into the engine and what encouraged us to go through with making a full range of development tools. The map editor allows us to create the world at run time, without the need for programming. This way is a lot more useful than the DMM editor as it fully emphasizes collaboration of multiple users. This even has future 'Live' modding capabilities! more on that at a later date. No one but the programmer ever comes in interaction with the source so we never have to worry about someone turning around and ruin everything we've worked for. we can even define custom bounding boxes and terrain elevations which is crucial for the platforming aspect of spirit age.


3. Event scripting- The event editor allows us to script and create events at run time, no code required. With this editor we're able to design events, script actions and write dialogue.

IFRAME: http://www.youtube.com/embed/a4nsrTnhIos

Heres a video demonstration made by Ishuri.
Disclaimer its long and boring for anyone who doesn't understand whats going on. video quality is bad and Ishuri apologies for doing such a poor job explaining.

4. Item editor- With this editor we can Add, items directly to the game, and change every aspect of that weapon from attacking ability to its knock back ability or alternate effects.


alot of place holders are used

5. NPC editor: Create new, or edit existing NPCS at run time change everything from custom bonding boxes to all available attributes.

Just to give you guys how powerful the engine is heres a shot of me spawning 1000 mobs in a small area with no major performance loss.

Now ive been seeing alot of people jumping on the bandwagon that spirit age is all about graphics with no actual substance. we're not professional developers, and its sad that we get such little feedback but rather rude insults. Hopefully this post informs the misguided. Spirit Age is not just all about graphics, we care equally if not more about game play.

EDIT: ill edit the post later as I have to head out for work, cheers!
Would you be mad if you had to edit it one more time because you misspelled "Bear" at the beginning? And "apologizes"?...

All over, the idea is cool...
That's amazing. Can't wait to play spirit age when it's finished.
No longer using byond?
In response to Kihatomay
They are definitely still using Dream Maker. They just made an intuitive interface to customize the game outside of the source files.
I remember Spirit Age when it was nothing, now look at it. Great job SA Team.
It's kind of silly that you have to make an editor for these things. I understand that the reason you're spending so much time working on the development kit is likely because Zane can't program things himself, and it's impressive and interesting to see, but ultimately I've found that making development tools like this and working with them takes more time than just programming the game.
not true yut put remember a couple weeks back when we annoucned a release date? that version was made using this engine and after the tools came it took us a week to catch up. the tool jus makes it soo much more acessible to collaborators. with this we can focus on whats important; making the game fun
i'm just going off of what i've worked with from experience. E:L's main quest is 80% complete and i've only worked on it for about a total of two weeks on and off. i tried making development tools, like an interesting way to modulate quest development, but just programming them in turned out to be easier
what's happens if we end up losing both our programmers to inactivity this route seemed like the best to way to ensure SA doesn't go the way of some many games.
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Zane444 wrote:
what's happens if we end up losing both our programmers to inactivity this route seemed like the best to way to ensure SA doesn't go the way of some many games.

yeah, that's why i said the only real reason you'd need it is because you can't program. i guess my philosophy for game development is to just do everything yourself and never rely on anybody for anything lol
this game is pretty big so they also give us the option to open the. game up to collaborators disregarding ability completly
That looks really cool. I hope you don't mind me taking a few notes on your mob editor!

Also, you might want to get this addon for Firefox. It allows you to recover lost text.
This looks really awesome, good job.
Honestly this is the only impressive thing I've seen in the game since you guys began blogging about it. The "make your own content" stuff is popular nowadays, I believe that new Neverwinter MMO had it ( although I haven't been following how successful that's been ).
This is pretty impressive. Like SA said, I hope you don't mind I take some notes myself.

Can't wait to see more from this.
All looks pretty sweet. Things turn out well when you follow your vision for a project.
i don't know ET, I thought pixel movement was pretty cool to have in an online game. but what do i know, Im no programmer. Not yet at least :)

Our possibilities for modding are great with these tools which is quite exciting given SA's sandbox gameplay
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