Hello BYOND!

This is just a brief update to the previous posting about the new BYOND version 499.

First off, if you are using this, you should grab the latest version (1191 at the time of this posting), always available at our Download page. We've fixed many bugs since the initial public release of 499.

Today we are doing an experiment, one I hope we can keep in perpetuity. Due to popular demand, we've decided to open up the full pager features (both individual pages and feed updates) to the whole of BYOND, both non-members and Members. We think the new paging system is pretty slick and hope you all get a chance to use it. If this ends up getting abused, we will unfortunately have to revoke it, so behave.

We've also added a "donate" option to the site & pager (on the site it is the new "Support BYOND today!" link in the upper-left. If you want to help us out, but don't have the means or desire to purchase a Membership, this is a way to contribute. Every penny helps (*actually it has to be more like 50 pennies since the merchant account takes some of it) and we really appreciate the contributions! I hope all of you understand what we've gone through to make BYOND possible. I even wrote a post about it! We'll be improving this display probably next week to give a better idea of where we're at financially and what we're looking for.

That's it for now. Happy gaming!
Good :)
I decided not to upgrade my pager. I like the old style better and I've heard too many horror stories about the many bugs of the new one. I might try it out now though.
I hope everyone at least tries the new pager. It's like a 3MB download, c'mon! Some users have had problems connecting, and we're working on that. It does run an ad. Everything else is much superior to the old one. Also the other software that comes with v.499 is more stable and better performing.
You guys should make your own game. I mean, looking at it, you are the BYOND developers, so you know DM better than anyone else, and you can easily also find bugs in DM itself while working on that game. Promotion wouldn't be a problem, you have the website and also an executable would be simpler than anything. Could also be a faster/smaller source of income. Just an idea.

Anyway, thanks for the fancy updates, I really do love the new pager.
I believe Tom has said before, just because he helped develop the language doesn't make him a master of it.
In response to Alitron123
That all sounds great but he's already working full time on BYOND, I'm not going to encourage him to use the time he could be sleeping to make a game.
Or he could simply decrease the time spent on BYOND-development, and invest it into simply only bug-fixing and the game's development. On another hand, he could get the help help of some of the community members, people who have mastered the language.
In response to Alitron123
Too many people are already dissatisfied with the speed of things, even though they shouldn't be.

Plus, I doubt you'd find many people who'd want to work for free that are as good as you intend them to be.
In response to Albro1
You could be right, but it is still just an idea and a possibility. Should be positive though, because if a game is made, and the game is well-made and well-managed, you can end up with good income, enough to pay the developers for their work.
I think the issue with the pager connecting to the hub, or at least with it reporting it to the client as such, is that it's downloading all the resources and files required for the pager (game pictures and such), and won't connect the client directly until that has finished. I noticed that when I updated my pager the pictures besides the games on the list were blank, and slowly filled in randomly, and I am currently assuming that this may be the cause for the things that have been happening.

Then again I have no real idea and I'm just grasping at straws.
One issue I noticed with the initial release of 499 was that sometimes trying to join a game would not work. A fix I noticed, for BYOND Members, is that if you click Hide Ads "right" before it starts loading the games it actually lets you through 100% of the time. I do this only when my first attempt to join a gain fails and it just stalls up at the "Connecting" screen. My second attempt involves this solution.

Also, once again this is in the initial release as I don't know about this update yet since I haven't tried it out, every now and then the current page I was on, whether it be Feed, Resources, or Friends, gets stuck and in turn if I click another page it will switch to that page but it will still show me the previous page. So for instance, I was on friends. I switch to games, in the tabs it shows I switched but I still see my friends list. I can't change what friends I want to see but I can still page my friends and etc. It's just the screen does not change.

That's all I found wrong. That, and a bit of lag. But I am running on a Virtual Machine after all. Other than that, I love the new pager.

Feature Request soon to be posted(When I'm not on mobile): There should be a list or group you can create where you can invite people to subscribe to a certain topic such as, "Team Developer Projects", "Friends who Play Games Together All the Time", "Follow me", just a group where you can still mass page but only in a concentrated way. It's more like, for example everyone is on my "mass page ignore list". But when I join the group they can send me a page in masses. More controlled and nobody should really ever be annoyed.
Yeah they should. But I like the classic look of the old. And BYOND is one of the very few things I do that doesn't advertise like hell, and until I get a BYOND membership (probably soon) I think I'll stick to the classic that I've used since 2011.
What are you talking about..? You're a member right now. o.O
I am? I am O_O. Well dayum. I used to be one, so does that mean it'll let me be one forever or is everyone a BYOND member now?
No, you're still a member.
I'unno. Maybe somebody bought him it and he didn't notice. >.>
O_O I think I love you. :D
Sorry. I'm not gay. o_o But your friendship is welcome. Lol.
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