Plant Life

by Bloodocean7
A Plant RTS Game
This is a Game where you must grow plants to defend yourself against hungry beetles!

Build up your defenses and then rule the world!

There is a in game guide on how to play :)

I made this game in a short time and took a little while polishing it, it wasn't my main project but rather a side project to help me try out different concepts for my bigger projects.

I have been trying my hand at different genres to see which one suits me best :)

I also feel games like this show new members that even they can make a game and a game doesn't need a complex system or years of development to be fun :)

I hope you enjoy it and keep an eye out for my next game and other games in the future :)

What absolute shit!. seriously BYOND get a grip!.
ugh, I am trying out new concepts and learning to make different kind of games, Yut Put gave me sage advice when I started to make small finished games to learn and then someday tackle a bigger project, these games are for quick enjoyment and not to make a huge impact. however at least I come up with my own ideas and I don't make rips constantly, be thankful that I am trying to be a active part of byond contribute. I welcome you to tell me what you like and hate about my games but to be close-minded and just out right insult me is rude. I have no quarrel with you and would rather you realize my games aren't a slight against you or byond and are simply to learn and enjoy myself and hopefully give enjoyment to others.
You won't ever learn if you don't work on it long enough.
Quality comments, Brettpenzer.
Thanks I guess lol.
12 Brave souls downloaded it.
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Lmao! I know it looks frightening but it is a working strategy game and I made it to try my hand at this kind of game as I have never attempted something like it before.

I could really use a artist though I think my "artwork" scares off people from my games when they could actually be pretty fun if you could play them without going blind lol

Huh, interesting little thing. First two times in a row I accidentally miss-clicked surrender right away. I think the way you have all the verbs set up puts surrender in an inconvienent position.

I'd like to make a few criticisms about the game, hopefully not coming off as an asshole.

I certainly did enjoy playing it, though I think with the way you spawn in flowers, the default pixel movement only makes the game harder to play, because you want have a guarantee of where your flower will spawn so you can easily get flowers stacked atop each other. (I think it would also be nice if they couldn't be spawned atop each other.)

It was also a little difficult to tell exactly what was going on with how all of the information I got was cluttered into one output window. Perhaps some visual effects of the beetles attacking the flowers, rather than just text, would help? I also think that with all those alerts you have being used as your guides and such make it a bit more difficult to really read them, and they would be better off all grouped up.

But don't let all my criticisms discourage you! Keep on going and improving, you will get better as time goes on. Just don't forget to improve upon what you do make, because if you don't, it's rather hard to get better, eh? XD Good luck!