I get paid next Friday. ;) My pays will be a bit bigger, and sorry a lot of my money was going to the game The Last Conflict, But now I am focused on BYOND again.
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SuperAntx wrote:
Average day for Teka:

I lol'd

I also found it quite amusing.
I just want to say that BYOND is a community, if not a family, of people trying to make things better. We all had our rough times a few years back, but we got through it. Now we're trying to raise money to keep our community together, and we'll do that too. We support each other, sometimes bicker and fight, but at the end of the day we're in it together. Hopefully once I get some more money I'll be donating a bit to the fund, and I hope those who haven't yet will as well.
Teka123 is not rich. He feels that someone else deserves his money.
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Tom wrote:
If any of you have friends like that, try to point them here.

First thing I did was make use of that shiny update feature in the feed. ;)

Just did the same! I'm not sure if it'll help, but I really hope it does! Everyone donating is kicking some major butt, and Teka nearly made my eyes pop out of my head! Haha

Also love the gif. That gave me a good laugh. I really hope everything works out with this, and I can't wait to help contribute more in any ways that I can!
Damn, seeing how much I have donated... I thought I did more. I shall get it higher up there though.
I thought I only donated 50$. But when I think about it.. I've donated $18+$16+$15+$15+$15+$15+$10+$10+$10. :D However much that is. :o
Hey Tom,

At least I make a living putting happy meals together and use that money for BYOND. ;)
Ripper man5, you have been incredibly generous so please don't feel pressure to contribute more. Like I've said, all I'm really hoping is that we can reach the masses of users who have always thought of BYOND as freeware, and at least get them to consider kicking in a few bucks.
I just realized.. that all of BYOND has become a game itself.. Finally. :D Everything you do in the community.. is a game.. a competition. Let the addictions begin! xD
It is good to see Tom getting something back for all his hard work and dedication :)

I feel relief in knowing that byond has hope now and at this rate won't become abandonware.

at the moment all I can contribute is new games and I will be uploading them often (usually short but unique ones for now until my main project is done.) However should I stumble across a extra dollar or two I will be sure to send it Tom's way.

Now go get something good to eat Tom and breathe easy Byond is on it's way to success :)
Who said BYOND was not successful? o.o BYOND created the foundation of my life. :)
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True as it has been a large part of my life as well :)

Then shall I say instead, Financial success lol :)
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I was more shocked by this:

Didn't know he was still around BYOND.
You would be surprised to know the other old timers who are actually around. o.o
Unknown Person surprised me. The most I've ever seen him is AFK in Chatters.
: | Holy fluffballs batman. That's a lotta cash!
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Not sure if you mean the $5000 a month for BYOND, or some of the donations.

$5000 a month is almost a failing business in today's world, USD standards. Which raises a question, actually. How are the funds handled in other currencies? I know it would be converted to USD when they donate, but does the website register with the user that donates that the donation will not be in USD?
I mean th money coming in.

And quite frankly BYOND has been a failing business. The fact it's got a chance of recovery says a lot : |.

I am out of school for the summer; meaning more hours of work and such. Therefore, this equals BYOND gaining more money. :)
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