Space Station 13

by Exadv1
Space Station 13
Stay alive inside Space Station 13
there are alot of people who play this game not knowing what does what. So the purpose of this forum is to make sure you don't get killed in 2.4 minutes.

use your help intent, you can go through others who have the help intent on.

This is about all I have since I'm not a genius, if you have tips as to how to play the game,
Use the same name for a little while and be nice, make some friends.

Being a competent doctor and going out looking for trouble is a good way to turn patients into more friends.

Once you get over the initial learning curve of the systems the real game begins. Don't just win, win in exciting and original ways that are fun for everyone.

Better yet, lose that way.
make friends, this can't be stressed enough, I can't express how many times making friends in the game has saved my characters' life, even if you may hate someone, that same person can save your life.
And if you are going to make enemies, make sure you don't piss off the wrong people, IE, Doctors and security, and the janitor.
Run from assistants, don't think, just run.
Push TAB...profit!
If youre beginner work as Botanist
If youre improving work as Chemist
If youre bored work as Security
If youre feeling that traitor round is coming for you: work as geneticist
Chemists are fucking jerks and OP.