Make My Dream

by Kidpaddle45
Drag & Drop instead of code.
Make My Dream is a tool made for non-programmers. It gives you the chance to create games using actions that you drag and drop.

Current Version: V.0.8

Special Features
-Drag & Drop to code.
-Intelli-Sense (Auto-Complete)
-Compile/Run without leaving the tool.

Number of actions
-35 Actions

Special Thanks to
-Galactic Soldier


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Interesting concept you got going here.
I like it (: keep working on it and I'm sure it could become very handy (:

You should take a look at what I've tried doing ^w^ Kozuma3?command=view_post&post=1259971&first_unread=1
This is really cool Kozuma!
Updated. V.0.2
-You can create an Environment.
-You can load an environment.
-You can create a code-file/map-file/Interface-file and include them in the environment.
Uh sorry guys, cleaning this up.
For some reason it spam clicks out of your current window(when theres a alert, might be all the time idk).. very very annoying
It was fixed in V0.2 I believe.
Is this still an issue?
yes, lemme try deleting it and reinstalling though
Def fixed.
Ok great!
i like it, keep it up!

Btw look at the line:

"If this is your first time using "Make My Dreak",....."


Yeah fixed. =D
Update to. V.0.3
-Added Compile/Run in tool. (Thank you Galactic Soldier & Pirion)
-Compiling shows errors list in tool.
-More Actions
-Smart Tabbing (Creating multiple if statement will auto tab them in the right order.)
-Creating a map file now opens directly BYOND's map editor.
-Fixed issue with non-focusing window.
-Actions change depending if they are dragged under an if statement or not.
Very Usefull, I hope u add more content
It's far from done but I'm getting there.
Next update will mainly focus on actions.
Updated to V.0.4:
-More actions (Sound,Movement,Mouse Clicks,Alerts,Timers)
-Fixed an issue with Custom actions.
-Fixed an issue with code not aligning correctly under an if statement.
-Fixed an issue with compiling a dme file with spaces in its name.
-Added macros for compiling/running. (Ctrl+K) (Ctrl+R)

Known bugs:
-Loading an environment file outside of "Make My Dream"'s directory won't compile or run.
Like this so far. Hope it gets a lot of progress~
In response to JWLee1
JWLee1 wrote:
Like this so far. Hope it gets a lot of progress~

I like it too :3 , I hope he keeps it up ^_^
Thank you guys.I believe we can attract more people to BYOND with this. Even if they can't create awesome games with it, It'll motivate them and they'll learn DM as they use this tool.

Btw this can be considered an open project... Anyone can help.
Basically there are actions called "Preset Actions". They are piece of codes made in text files such Login.txt that,when dragged, will generate a pre-made Login for the users or World.txt that will generate the world info such as hub path/hub password etc.. Or more complex things such as Inventory.txt that would generate a very basic Inventory system that shows how to pick up items and have it appear in a grid.

Preset actions can be very handy to newbies because they're actual examples so they can know what it looks like and how it's done.

If anyone's interested in helping me with Preset Actions, hit me up on the pager.
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