INI Reader

by Audeuro
Want to write up a nice .ini file for configuration? Here's just the utility to do it with!
INI Reader is a useful tool that I ported over from VB6 while writing another game that required it. Currently it can read as well as write standard .cfg and .ini files.

Version 19
- The dictionary wasn't always being created.
- Numbers other than 0 would not save properly.
- If the value of a key/value pair was set to 0, then it would not be written to the dictionary.

Version 18
- Made another step to support the traditional INI comment of ";," in addition to // and /* */.

Version 15
- Fixed a bug with lists outputting. To save a list, create a new /slist object, and set slist.Item to your list, then write it to the proper spot.

Version 14
- Added support for lists. To create a list, simply do: "Key = <Item1,Item2,...>" Note: Lists within Lists ARE supported.

Version 12
- Fixed a problem where it'd add numbers to the list as a string, when it should've converted it to a number first.