Greetings BYONDites:

Just a few notes here!

First off, I am so pleased with the outpouring of support for BYOND ever since we announced the BYOND Fund-o-meter the other week. We've had a lot of contributions from our small community here and I feel confident that we'll hit our goal for this month. Let's hope it keeps up in subsequent months. We are going to be promoting some "Member benefits" in games to up the value of BYOND Membership-- but at the same time I hope most people realize that the primary purpose of this is simply to support this (endless!) project.

Secondly, we're finally getting to near-stability for version 499 of the BYOND software. It seems to be working for most users but there are a few stubborn bugs that we're having trouble reproducing. We just released a new build of this (499.1194) so please update at the Download page. In future releases we will make these updates more evident from within the program itself; we haven't released 499 on the hub update system just yet because we wanted to be confident it was fully stable. So try it out and let us know.

For the next version (milestone 500! Although that is just coincidence), we'll get back to the main software to address the growing bugs list that has been neglected during this new software update. We also have a few cool features in mind, but we'll see how that goes.


Woo :)
Tom wrote:
We are going to be promoting some "Member benefits" in games to up the value of BYOND Membership

Great idea, Tom! :D
Oh, that's quite nice. Excited about the milestone 500. :)
I am really excited to see what these features might be, and I am enjoying seeing the bugs get squashes, too! I'm also really happy the goal should be reached this month.
When I turn on the pager it always gets suck at a byond popup saying loading game information
Aulcard .. we will put in better error reporting in the next release. I am wondering if you have a firewall configured to not accept the current version (so it is not making the hub connection). If you test other versions (available at, you can let us know what works in a bug report.
I've been wondering why you didn't make this radical new pager the 500 release. I am hopeful for BYOND's future, and I hope to see some new hits coming out with membership perks that contribute part of their in-game donations/memberships to you.
I'm currently using the old 498 pager and it works perfectly and no the current byond worsion is already in my firewalls list of exceptions
Ok games seem to work fine when I access them from the byond site but my pager just dosent seem to work. It alwyas gets suck on a byond popup saying loading game information and there is no log in screen or any such thing which will allow you to input your byond username and passower to log in
Aulcard .. if you are around on Monday, please get in touch with us and we will try to do some debugging with you to figure out what is going on here.
Hey Tom, could you please add like a small changelog.txt in every build so we can see what has changed in the build itself, rather than in 499.****? It would make it easier for the rest of us to see if some stuff had been solved.
How are we planning to handle excess donations to the bar? I think it'd probably be best to have values "carry-over" to the next month to encourage more donations in advance. Perhaps above the meter could have a label like what specific month the donations are funding?

Otherwise you could go Wikipedia on us and once we've met our goals donations close off until we need more money. ;)
Well, to be honest, 499.1193 is/was pretty stable, minus some minor bugs, but the issue I've been seeing is with the 499.1185 version that is ran by most of the shells, it has problems saving and loading files, even with 755 set as permissions on the files, and running in safe mode.
Fantastic. I really want to make a reference to the song "Survivor" here, but I honestly just got up.
For so many years Byond 4.0 was such a big deal; Now we're nonchalantly strolling through Byond 5.0 stronger than ever!

I like it.
Well, it's not BYOND 5.0 - it'll BYOND 4.0 version 500.1195, or something similar.

Back when 4.0 was released, we skipped from 3.5 version 355.914 to 4.0 version 400.950, though...
Tom wrote:
Greetings BYONDites:

gg wp no re byondlings
In response to EmpirezTeam
EmpirezTeam wrote:
Tom wrote:
Greetings BYONDites:

gg wp no re byondlings

Ouch. How BYONDlings have fallen. ):
BYONDites mustard race, waiting for BYONDlings to ketchup.
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