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Who knew the major differentiating factor between 499 and milestone 500 would be ads that sometimes replay 5 times?!
No thanks, I'll stick with my 499.

The same people that don't think money grows on trees, I'd assume.

Which reminds me, how is your dolladollafarm coming along?
makin' dat paper cheddar y'all
Wood is expensive, Fruit that grows on trees are also. Maybe if I could watch like 30 ads a day have it set at a limit or something it wouldn't be so bad. But having it every time the game disconnects, the round restarts. Then the ad's interface remains up preventing all of the game from properly loading you have to reconnect in order to play which means watching the same ads over again. Then the FEED always alerting you making you think someone is IMing you. Followed by the continue button which makes you think your lowering the box but it actually shuts down all the boxes including the one the game is on. There is a reason why I uninstalled 499 and reinstalled 498 on every computer.
It's unfortunate that it is always showing the same ads; we have no control over that though. Ads should play at most once every five minutes, which doesn't seem that bad. However, I'll consider raising that.

As far as the issues with the ads blocking the game as well as problems with the feed... those are bugs, and should be reported as such. We can't fix stuff when we aren't aware of the details. Please use our Bug Report forum and provide as much context as possible.
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A ad timer, that seems like a fair system. Thank you for addressing this.

As for the bugs, ya its the wrong place for me to be mentioning them here. I am sorry.

Keep up the good work. Hopefully, the plan to make it so game makers can have hubs for free will get more games into the community to hopefully attract, would be subscribers.
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