Mecha's Mixture - Icons

by MechaCloud
Mecha's Mixture - Icons
A random bunch of free icons I've released from my unfinished projects.

MechaCloud here, thanks for taking an interest in this small icon pack.
They're icon's from old projects I started and never got round to finishing.
So rather than collecting dust I figured someone else may as well get some use out of them as I won't be.

If you do use any of the art compiled into this resource make sure to give me credit for my work somewhere in your game or on your hub. Using this art without doing so would make you a bigger douchebag than Justin Bieber.

All the Best, yours sincerely...

Download button doesn't seem to work, nothing happens when I press it. Had to click [zip] to download the file directly.
hmm thats odd I'll take a look see what the issue is, thanks for bringing this to my attention.
good job...