All-Star Royale

by Krozy
All-Star Royale is a game that is inspired by most PVP games that feature characters from different shows/places such as SUPER SMASH BROS. and JUMP : ULTIMATE STAR. Due to that, the game has many different original-characters (OCs) made by skilled artists

Krozy : Owner
TheLastTimelord : Owner
Albro1 : Coder
MELOReal-Multimedia (Pixel Art) :
~Jordwilf(DeviantArt) : Pixel Artist
~Naruto747 (Deviant Art)/(Member of MELOReal) : Pixel Artist
~sonicthehedgehog19 (Deviant Art)/(Member of MELOReal) : Pixel Artist
~64tre2 (Deviant Art)/(Member of MELOReal) : Pixel Artist
Madlit (DMI Formation)/{Semi-Pixel Artist)

Team up and conquer the other team in All-star Royale!!
Nice, looks like I'll have to hurry with Tirus's sprites.
Haha yeah~
I can't wait for it bud.
Could you put screenshots?
Hey Dark, currently I cannot since I have been working more on the coding then content and we are first finding volunteer artists!

Thanks for understanding.
Got any details on exactly what the game is going to be and what type of genre it is?
thank fucking god, i wemt om a rant yesterday about fighting games on byond
release date pls
Xirre : ASR is going to basically be a fighting game with the option of choosing from over 10+ Originally made characters and a variety of game modes.
Genre would have to be Fighting/Action/Sidescroller

Juzei : Glad to hear you're glad about it. The release date is undetermined since I am still coding before I get into the UI and graphics.

I promise to keep everyone updated on the game as it goes by.

Thanks, Krozy
I have just released Dark Tirus' idle state as a PREVIEW. This character will be premium, the price is undecided.

CREDITS : ~jordwilf
Seems interesting. Good luck.
Thanks a lot, I'll try to release some previews along the way to keep you guys satisfied.
Word of advice bro, don't post sprites as screenshots... BYONDers rip.
Fixed it now, logo runs over half the body and I clipped it.
Just an advise, post screenshots as you wish, people will rip anyways when it's hosted using the most shitty method if they need to: (Prnt-Screen)
If they lower themselves to rip it off Prnt-Screen, let them have fun resizing it and fixing it when they do.

I have now hired Albro1 to code for my game, please welcome him and I put my full faith in him. The game will be out soon guys so stay tuned!
Sounds like this is going to be a good one, I'm looking forward to trying this!
He's free to use and ready to kick butt.
Member Benefits added, you can get 1 premium char perm! Idk 'bout you but I'd choose Dark Tirus.

Who wants to see a new char? Comment now and if I get 5 comments, I'll release another preview.
Comment. I want to see :P
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