by 0DarkShadow0
A role-playing game set in a fantasy medieval world.
Cowed is a multiplayer 2D fantasy roleplaying game built on the BYOND platform, based off of Bovine_Buddy's game, Cow RP. Set in the medieval time, the player assumes the role of any of the several provided professions and jobs, ranging from a king of the kingdom of Bovinia to a mere peasant with different sets of skills in the kingdom, such as a fisherman or a farmer.

The main objective of the game depends upon the chosen role, which could be one of many, such as running the kingdom as a king, protecting the king as his royal guard, protect the peasants of the kingdom as a guard, causing chaos to take over the kingdom using evil magical powers as the necromancer, serve your evil leader to take over a world as a resurrected zombie, making a business and operating it as a peasant, building a boat and exploring the vast world or one of the different other roles you could be. To achieve these objectives, your character must survive. you can do this by not letting your character starve to death, get killed by any wild animals, mystical monsters, or even other players.

After being gone for quite a long time, I have started back up the project and have begun undergoing changes.