Nobody cares about your stupid opinion, or your stupid blog, or your stupid incessant whining about your stupid life. OK?

So shut up!
I'm telling mother.
Don't forget to take your own advice...
Mostly kidding.

Yeah, people seem to think that having a blog makes their opinions mean something more. They seem to think that having a blog makes them a journalist.

I can't totally tell people to lay off giving their opinions with there blog posts because most of my posts have opinion of some sort in them, but people should realize that life is about more than making everyone think you are right.
When it comes to opinion posts, as long as the poster so much as attempts to back it up with reasons or examples it won't bother me.

Edit: However, when it comes to talking about your offline life...isn't that a portion of a journal's purpose? I suppose you can say that it's whatever you make of it but it's typically the first thing most people will think about when you describe it. Even if nobody else cares, typing that stuff out can be quite calming. I personally only start to roll my eyes when it's turned into a "pity me pity me look at me" thing.
Guys, you're turning a mock flame post into a serious discussion. What's going on? Usually it's the other way around!
Did you not get the memo Crispy? We decided to try something new for a change, but it didn't go over so well, so we think we will go back to distroying serious discussions.