BYOND Hosting / Shell Server

by Xirre
A shell server (hosting service) for all of BYOND to use!
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Go and learn all there is to learn. the journey of a 1000 miles begins with a single step--away from your pc.
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Xirre wrote:
I think.. I may quit the internet. :|

get a job?

extra money is always nice.
I tried Goku... I tried.. Lol. And dariuc.. That was funny. XD 7more friggin days though..
I wouldn't mind hosting and programming as my job. It's actually what I like doing.
I lol'd at Xirre's "I have a life" comments on this post XD
Lol. I really did experience more in life because of this. Though I exercise 3x as much now to pass time and sleep a lot more... That's not entirely good.. I might break something. .-.
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Yeah, whenever I'm hangout with friends (or without internet) my life is a whole lot difference than it is when I'm by myself (or with internet).
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when you return you'll look like conan the barbarian.
@Flys: Yeah. This vacation sucks. Other than hitting the gym with my bro daily.. Being here until Sunday afternoon is a downer.. Because I don't have any cell phone signal. I have to result to scavenging for wifi on my tablet by moving around the house here. Not only that.. I can't text my friends let alone my gf. So with the scavenging for wifi comes the hope that Kik messages will download and upload in time before that 1 bar of wifi disappears. 50 wifi hotspots and not a single signal... I was smart to download that 200 dbz episodes beforehand at my brothers house using HIS internet. :| I'm lucky enough to even post this message with this 1mb down/1mb up speeds of a wifi connection. Literally.. It hurts me so much. q_q
I want to jog but I don't like jogging alone around people I don't know. It bothers me. ._. Like I don't know what I look like when running lol. Some people pick up their legs to much, etc.
@Dariuc: You should have seen my brother last year. O.O... Looked like he was fresh out of jail lmfao.
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LoL. Well the internet is shutting down next SATURDAY. no more internet. you missed the last few days of the net's existence. Sucks for you and your faulty hotspots.tsk tsk.
:S................. im not gonna cry.. nope...... :'(
Looks like it's July 8th, now.
Indeed it is. I got my laptop fixed today and internet is up. I'm out with my friends sooooo just wait until I get home.
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Ipeerownu wrote:
Looks like it's July 8th, now.

Shh. He has joined the real world now no way to bring him back let him go.
He'll come back. Trust me. But I think he should enjoy both life and the internet as he sees fit.
No, this is the invert of Amish's Rumspringa of Coming of Age Journey. Instead of giving into technology for a short time he gave up the glory of the internet to lead a simpler life. He will return a man. A man of the internet.
<.< I just had to sign up for my college classes. Sheesh people. Lol. Give me a bit while I configure my new router.
No children here?
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